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Wish you could get a better job before finishing a degree? Now you can!

Earn marketable certificates — while earning a bachelor's degree. Instead of only earning a bachelor's degree, you will earn three certificates and an associate degree along the way.

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Make more money

Many students see a boost in their employability after they complete a certificate, and again after they earn a bachelor's degree.

Earnings Impact

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Finish a certificate in less than a year
Certificates are typically made up of just five courses and can be completed in one year or less, and every course builds directly into a degree.

Customize your degree

Certificates allow you to customize your degree. First, pick a bachelor's degree. Then select three certificates to build that degree. You'll earn all of this for the same cost and time as one bachelor's degree!

Degree Steps

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What I really want is a bachelor’s degree. Will a certificate help with that?
The best way to increase your chances of completing a degree is to earn a certificate first. It’s a great way to develop immediate job skills and increase your earning potential while laying the foundation for your future degree.
How do I know which courses to register for?
The courses required for each certificate are listed on each certificate page. Visit the Program List for more information.
Will employers recognize a certificate?
Employers want to hire individuals who can demonstrate skills. All of our certificates are designed to develop a variety of marketable skills, which employers will recognize and find valuable.