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The associate degree in information technology builds on the specific technology skill set attained in a student's chosen introductory certificate by adding a second technology certificate skill set. Students also gain practical math and writing skills to provide a more well-rounded technology preparation.

This degree is developed and granted by Ensign College, with support and resources from BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

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Why choose this degree?

Training in information technology enables you to work in the developing market of database systems, digital communications, cybersecurity, web development, software, wearable technology, and much more. Applied technology prepares you for the growing global economy by providing you with problem-solving and interpersonal skills; computer administration, software development, computer networking, database, web development skills and experience; and information technology process management.

BYU-Pathway has found that certain combinations of certificates lead to better job opportunities. Most degrees have a recommended plan of certificates that will help students increase their income and improve their employment possibilities.

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Looking Ahead
Potential Employment
Successful students with adequate work experience will be prepared to be advanced beyond entry-level positions they attained with their introductory certificate. Click on the certificates listed in the table above for specific employment opportunities.

Essential Knowledge and Skills


  • Configure and resolve issues related to software, network, and security in support of desktop computers.
  • Design and develop computer programs.
  • Design and develop web pages, sites, and applications.
  • Design and develop relational databases and applications.
  • Install, configure, and troubleshoot network routers, switches, and servers.

Associate of Science of Information Technology

Program requirements

Degrees are built by selecting three certificates, which are typically made up of five courses each. Our recommended plans are designed to lead to better job opportunities. To earn a bachelor’s degree, you will complete three certificates plus additional requirements:

Information Technology Path

Steps to your Associate Degree in Information Technology

If getting a better job is not your primary focus, there are other certificate options available.