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Family and Human Services
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The associate degree in family and human services helps students prepare for work in the field of human services. In addition, students who complete this degree will have advanced understanding of family functioning and demonstrate the following skills: conflict resolution, problem-solving, and basic statistical analysis.

This degree is developed and granted by BYU-Idaho, with support and resources from BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

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Why choose this degree?

The associate degree in family and human services places a significant emphasis on the development of employable skills, such as effective communication, professional writing, synthesizing research, basic data analysis, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and persuasive speaking and writing. These skills can help students obtain employment in a variety of work settings, including but not limited to human services. In addition, these skills also help students develop strong family and other interpersonal relationships. This degree will provide students with an advanced understanding of family systems and relationships.

BYU-Pathway has found that certain combinations of certificates lead to better job opportunities. Most degrees have a recommended plan of certificates that will help students increase their income and improve their employment possibilities.

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Looking Ahead
Potential Employment
Typically, additional certificates or degrees could be required in this field before substantial employment could be expected in the United States. Some entry level positions could be obtained in the following areas:

  • Social and community services
  • Family mediation
  • Parent education
  • Family issues and child advocacy

Essential Knowledge and Skills


  • Demonstrate effective conflict resolution skills.
  • Problem-solve at individual and group levels.
  • Employ basic research skills.
  • Demonstrate theoretical knowledge concerning family dynamics.

Associate of Science of Family and Human Services

Program requirements

Degrees are built by selecting three certificates, which are typically made up of five courses each. Our recommended plans are designed to lead to better job opportunities. To earn a bachelor’s degree, you will complete three certificates plus additional requirements:

Family & Human Services Path

Steps to your Associate Degree in Family and Human Services

If getting a better job is not your primary focus, there are other certificate options available.