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Introducing EnglishConnect

Learning English can open doors to new jobs, cultures, interactions, and people. It can also help you gain access to more education. That's why BYU-Pathway Worldwide is thrilled to join with EnglishConnect to help you achieve your goals.

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Faith-based curriculum

EnglishConnect is an English language learning program provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Its purpose is to help enhance your English skills in an environment of faith, fellowship, and growth.
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An interactive approach

EnglishConnect’s learning method includes daily practice and interactive conversation groups with peers and mentors in your area. These supportive community groups will encourage your personal growth as you practice having conversations about everyday life situations.

Speak with confidence

This learning approach will help you gain confidence as you improve your ability to communicate in English and learn the language versus only memorizing phrases.

Plus, it's all for free or at little cost to you!
I could feel the Spirit each time I participated in our conversation group. I never imagined one day I could talk with someone in English. For me, it's a special blessing.
Carlos Eduardo Alves da Silva, Portugal

Build your skills

Utilizing a faith-based curriculum, EnglishConnect includes three levels to help you progress from a basic to an intermediate English-level.

EnglishConnect 1 and 2 help you develop basic English skills.

EnglishConnect 3 helps you improve your English skills to increase your chances of academic English success. After completing EnglishConnect 3, you will be prepared to enroll in BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

Not sure where to start? Find your perfect fit from the options below. Once you complete a level, you can advance to the next level or repeat a level to continue improving.
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    • For beginners
    • Participants should be familiar with the English alphabet, basic words, and basic sentences
    • Free!

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    • For mid-level beginners
    • Participants should be able to form basic sentences but may not be able to hold a simple conversation
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    • For intermediate learners
    • Participants should be able to read and write simple sentences and hold a basic conversation
    • Low cost

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EnglishConnect is just the beginning!

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As you improve your English skills, you are preparing for future education and employment opportunities through BYU-Pathway.

BYU-Pathway is your start to a certificate or degree, offered completely online at a significantly reduced cost. Many students get a job or improve their employment after completing their first certificate!

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"I really wanted to study in BYU-Pathway, but I didn't think I would be able to because I couldn't speak English. EnglishConnect really helped me a lot to be prepared."

Sisi, Paraguay

"PathwayConnect blessed my life in so many ways! I love the opportunity to study church principles in English because as it improved my English, it has also improved my faith."

Khennya Castel, Great Britain