Associate of Applied Science
Family History Research
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The associate degree in family history research provides students with an advanced understanding of family history research principles and practices. Students will learn advanced techniques, define a research problem, develop a research plan, gather information from documents, analyze evidence, and write conclusions. Students will use recognized professional standards and a variety of tools to complete research projects. They will be prepared to apply these research skills to various geographic specialty areas.

This degree is developed and granted by BYU-Idaho, with support and resources from BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

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Why choose this degree?

Training in family history research will provide you with the historical context, research skills, and hands-on technical learning required for you to become a competent family historian and genealogist. It also trains you in digital humanities, web publishing, human geography, genetic genealogy/DNA, editing and publishing, with ample opportunity for writing, workshops, and archival experience.

BYU-Pathway has found that certain combinations of certificates lead to better job opportunities. Most degrees have a recommended plan of certificates that will help students increase their income and improve their employment possibilities.

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Looking Ahead
Potential Employment
This degree prepares students for professional work in the genealogical field working for genealogical research firms, as private researchers, or as staff or educators at information institutions with genealogical departments. Alternatively, this degree prepares students for jobs requiring the skills obtained, such as organization, data entry, research, analysis, writing, and editing.

Essential Knowledge and Skills


  • Define a research problem through critical analysis of information.
  • Develop a plan to effectively and efficiently solve a research problem.
  • Gather information from documents relevant to the research problem.
  • Analyze evidence to reach appropriate conclusions.
  • Record conclusions using recognized professional standards and a variety of tools.
  • Prepare for professional work in the genealogical field.
Associate of Applied Science of Family History Research
Program Requirements
Complete two certificates as described below, plus additional requirements.
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Complete the following certificate
15 credits
Complete the following certificate
15 credits
After an associate degree students may continue and earn a bachelor's degree in professional studies. This will require students to earn additional certificates and complete additional degree requirements.
To complete an associate degree, the following courses are required in addition to the certificates stated above:
Complete the following additional requirements:
General Education Courses
18 credits
12 credits
Previously earned course credits from PathwayConnect and/or other colleges and universities will be evaluated after a student is admitted and submits valid transcripts.