Final Week Students- Mar 2018
Final Week Students- Mar 2018
Final Week Students- Mar 2018
Student Success Resources
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There are many layers to your success.

Student Success Resources

And, we're bringing them all together for you!

We want you to thrive at BYU-Pathway Worldwide. That’s why we’ve gathered a variety of resources in one spot that are designed to help you transition to student life.

Through a combination of support from instructors, service missionaries, and personalized attention from a mentor, we believe there is no limit to what you can achieve and the future that awaits you.

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    Need an answer fast? Find quick answers by chatting with us anytime, 24 hours a day, or send us an email.

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    Support Requests
    Your mentor is your first line of support, but you can always submit a Support request!

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    Search our free knowledge base to level up your math, writing, grammar, and learning skills.

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Keeping you engaged
Each student at BYU-Pathway is matched to a mentor who becomes your first line of support, answering questions and helping you to overcome every day hurdles so you can achieve your goals.

Mentor Program
Inspiring your learning
Instructional Teams
Besides your mentor, you have instructors and graders ready to guide you. Each are subject-matter experts focused on helping you achieve your goals and providing valuable feedback to improve your learning skills.

Instructional Team
Deepening your faith
Our service missionaries will encourage you and empower you to draw upon heaven’s help as you become a disciple of Jesus Christ. They will help you see faith woven through all aspects of learning and life.

Service Missionaries
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Opening new opportunities
Career Services
Access free resources, including resume tips and how to create an amazing LinkedIn profile. You can also search for jobs and start networking with companies who are looking for BYU-Pathway students!

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Providing additional support
Student Wellness
Good physical and mental health play an important role in a successful college experience. On this page you will find accessibility resources, crisis support, and how to resolve grievances.

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