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Meaningful Opportunities

BYU-Pathway has more than 85 full-time employees in a variety of fields and is continually expanding. It also offers internships for college students and many part-time opportunities for students enrolled at a higher education institution within the Church Educational System. Most positions are based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

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    Work with a Purpose

    Early pioneers had a spirit of humility and frugality, a faith and optimism for the unknown, and a longing for prophetic direction. BYU-Pathway employees embrace that spirit, known as the Pioneer’s Heart, as they dedicate themselves to building the kingdom of God. The following six characteristics of the Pioneer’s Heart define the work we do:

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    Obedience to Prophetic & Inspired Direction
    We are guided by prophetic direction from the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Moreover, each of us as BYU-Pathway Worldwide employees actively seeks and acts upon inspiration through the Spirit in our individual work to bless God’s children through higher education.
    Faith & Optimism for the Unknown
    Being part of a pioneering Church educational institution brings excitement and growth, and with growth comes change. At BYU-Pathway, we work on the frontier by embracing change with open hearts and willing minds.
    Personal Sacrifice & Dedication
    Since the announcement of BYU-Pathway Worldwide, employees have packed up, left homes and communities, and moved their families to support the growth of the organization. This continues the pattern of dedicating our time and talents to improving lives around the world.
    Humility & Frugality
    BYU-Pathway was born out of BYU-Idaho, an institution that through humility and frugality strives to serve “as many students as possible within resource constraints.” Likewise, we strive to be stewards of consecrated resources, offering up our talents with meekness. It is in this spirit that we work to do more with less and to take correction when needed. In doing so, the Lord magnifies our abilities.
    At BYU-Pathway, we work across boundaries both internally and externally. This requires us to counsel with our colleagues and leaders. We believe that accomplishing the work includes acting with respect, deference, and a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie.
    Concern for the One
    Working for BYU-Pathway is not just a job — it’s a belief in a cause that matters. We are passionate about the success of each student. By “thinking like our users” and focusing on their needs, we find ways to support and lift students no matter their economic, cultural, and personal circumstances.

    BYU-Pathway accomplishes its mission through a distinct strategy of serving the hidden many and operating wherever the Church is organized. The “hidden many” includes the thousands of Church members throughout the world who have, for a variety of reasons, not had a chance to complete their education. Every area of the organization and each individual employee contributes to serving this unique group of students.

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    Work-life Balance
    BYU-Pathway full-time employees have access to amazing benefits, including paid time off, health insurance plans with low or no deductibles, tuition waivers for Church-owned schools, a generous retirement plan, and more.

    We live in a day of miracles, when our Heavenly Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ are moving with power in the earth to build up the kingdom of God and establish Zion in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. I believe BYU-Pathway is one of those miracles.
    Elder Kim B. Clark
    BYU-Pathway: A School in Zion