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The administrative assistant certificate provides students with a solid understanding of office procedures and develops skills in key office business applications such as Excel, Word, and the Adobe Creative Suite.

This certificate is offered by BYU-Idaho, with support and resources from BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

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Why choose this certificate?

The administrative assistant certificate will provide you with data entry skills, fluency in office applications, and hands-on experience with communication and organization.

BYU-Pathway has found that certain combinations of certificates lead to better job opportunities. Most degrees have a recommended plan of certificates that will help students increase their income and improve their employment possibilities.

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Looking Ahead
Potential Employment
  • Small businesses
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Schools
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Legal offices
  • Corporations

Essential Knowledge and Skills


  • Create professional spreadsheets using advanced functionality to visualize and solve business problems.
  • Apply time management, interpersonal communications, meeting planning, and records management to identify and solve business problems.
  • Create professional documents to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism within an organization using Microsoft Word.
  • Increase professionalism through the application of design principles.
  • Develop a basic understanding of accounting principles used in office and business settings.
Certificate of Administrative Assistant
Program Requirements
This certificate builds into the Applied Business Management degree.
This is an introductory certificate.
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90–96 credits CREDITS
Certificate of Administrative Assistant
Course Code
Course Name
# of Credits
Spreadsheet Essentials
BUS105 — 3 credits
Spreadsheet Essentials
Students will learn and apply spreadsheet skills to business situations. Each week, students will complete spreadsheet tutorials, assignments, and business projects to develop employable skills. Throughout the course, students will encounter a variety of real-life business activities.
Office Procedures
BUS129 — 3 credits
Office Procedures
In this course, students will develop and apply functional office skills in time management, interpersonal communications, records management, teamwork, and customer service. Students also learn how to plan meetings, take minutes, and use critical decision-making skills to identify and solve problems.
The Cycle of Cash
BUS180 — 3 credits
The Cycle of Cash
The Cycle of Cash course provides the financial tools, skills, and judgment students need to read financial statements and make correct financial decisions for a small business or new venture. This course will also review what it takes to start, acquire, or sell a small business.
Word Processing I
BUS240 — 3 credits
Word Processing I
This course provides a thorough understanding of Microsoft Word and enhances efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism in users and documents.  Students will customize and automate information using Microsoft Office 2010- Word, Excel, and Access. Topics include navigation and format in business documents and envelopes, graphics, tables, charts, labels, themes, styles, forms, macros, and merging and sorting.
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