Ensign College
Ensign College
New Programs from Ensign College

BYU-Pathway Worldwide is excited to offer access to several new online certificate and degree options through a partnership with Ensign College, in addition to the more than 40 certificates and degrees already available through BYU-Idaho.

Certificates & Degrees

Through BYU-Pathway,
All new students, including PathwayConnect completers and those starting on the advanced path, are eligible to enroll in Ensign College programs in January 2022. Students currently enrolled in a BYU-Idaho online degree will be eligible to transfer to Ensign College programs starting in April 2022.
can now earn certificates and degrees from Ensign College, as well as BYU-Idaho.
Ensign College + BYU-Pathway

The following new certificates and degrees will be offered through the new partnership with Ensign College:

New Degrees

New Certificates

In addition to the new programs being offered, the following existing certificates will now be provided by Ensign College. For all other audiences, the following certificates will continue to be awarded by BYU-Idaho until April 2022.

Existing Certificates to Be Offered From Ensign College

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Application Process

The application for Winter Semester 2022 (Jan.–Apr.) is open. New semesters start every September, January, and April.

Apply Now

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Financial Aid

To take advantage of all academic offerings available through BYU-Pathway, students should list both Ensign College and BYU-Idaho when they complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). For more information on who can receive U.S. financial aid and how to apply, please review our financial aid page.


Because BYU-Pathway’s partnership with Ensign College is new, some systems are still in development. As we adapt to using new systems and tools, our goal will be to ensure all students have a smooth experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information, please review our frequently asked questions. If you still need assistance, please contact BYU-Pathway Support.

What is Ensign College?
Ensign College, formerly LDS Business College, is a private college sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It offers skills-based certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees and is part of the Church Educational System (CES), which also includes BYU, BYU-Idaho, BYU-Hawaii, and BYU-Pathway Worldwide. In addition to its large number of campus offerings, a smaller selection of those offerings are being made available online through BYU-Pathway.
How will BYU-Pathway’s association with Ensign College benefit students?
Through this partnership, BYU-Pathway students will have even more certificate and degree options to help them increase their marketability. There is a shared standard for all academic coursework across all online programs, whether that comes from BYU-Idaho or Ensign College. All students in an online program, regardless of the school, will have the same level of rigor and expectation.

BYU-Pathway includes six key decisions as part of its strategy: to be affordable, applied, scalable, focused on access, focused on completion, and embedded in the Church. We’re excited to partner with Ensign College to bring affordable and applicable education to even more students across the world.
Am I eligible to apply for Ensign College online certificates and degrees?
Eligibility for the new Ensign College online offerings has been scheduled in phases.

Current PathwayConnect Students
Eligible for Ensign College Online Programs Starting January 2022
  • Students who have completed PathwayConnect.
  • Students who will complete PathwayConnect in December 2021.
  • Students are not eligible at this time if they have ever previously enrolled in an online degree program through BYU-Pathway Worldwide/BYU-Idaho.

Current BYU-Idaho Online Degree-seeking Students
Anticipated to be Eligible for the Ensign College Applied Communication Degree Starting April 2022
  • Students currently pursuing an online degree from BYU-Idaho

The following Ensign College certificates are introductory, or first, certificates and are not
available to students seeking a BYU-Idaho degree who have already completed a certificate:

Anticipated to be Eligible Starting January 2022
  • Individuals who are not currently enrolled in an online degree program through BYU-Pathway Worldwide/BYU-Idaho
How do I apply to earn one of the new certificates and degrees offered by Ensign College?
New semesters start every September, January, and April. Review our application process for more information.
How will I know if I’ve been admitted?
If you meet eligibility requirements for Winter Semester 2022 (Jan.–Apr.), you will receive an email notifying you that your application has been accepted. This email will prompt you to select the first certificate to begin building your degree.
How will my transfer credits be evaluated?
If you select a certificate from Ensign College to begin your degree, the way we will evaluate your previous transfer credits depends on which degree that certificate builds into.

Ensign College Degree
The only online degree offered by Ensign College (in association with BYU-Pathway Worldwide) is applied communication, and you would take social media marketing as the first certificate to build this degree. If you choose this path, because your first certificate AND your bachelor’s degree will both come from Ensign College, your transfer credits will be evaluated by Ensign College within your first semester of enrollment.

BYU-Idaho Degree
BYU-Pathway provides access to online degrees from BYU-Idaho in applied business management, applied technology, applied health, and professional studies. However, degrees can be built by stacking certificates from both Ensign College and BYU-Idaho. If your first certificate is from Ensign College, but your degree will come from BYU-Idaho, your transfer credits will be evaluated as follows:

  • Ensign College will evaluate transfer credits that relate to your first certificate.
    • However, most transfer credits will count toward elective or general education requirements and will, therefore, not be evaluated until after you complete your first certificate (see below).
  • BYU-Idaho will evaluate transfer credits that relate to your bachelor’s degree.
    • This is where most or all of your former credits will be applied.
    • These credits will not be evaluated until after you complete your first certificate with Ensign College. (For most students, the first certificate takes about one year to complete.)
    • You can conduct your own unofficial evaluation of how your credits will transfer by using this tool: (Also see general information about how BYU-Idaho processes transfer credits.)

For additional questions about transfer credits, visit our Help page.
What are the graduation requirements for a bachelor’s degree?
To complete a bachelor’s degree, students must:
  • Complete required religion courses
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher (a “C” average)
  • Earn 120 credits
  • Complete major requirements
  • Complete required resident credits:
    • For online degrees earned from Ensign College: Students must complete at least 50% of the total credits required for a degree from Ensign College.
    • For online degrees earned from BYU-Idaho: Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours from BYU-Idaho.
If a student is already enrolled in a certificate or degree offered from BYU-Idaho, can they switch to a program offered from Ensign College?
Systems are not currently in place to allow students pursuing a program from BYU-Idaho to enroll in a program from Ensign College. Beginning Spring 2022 (April), these students are anticipated to be eligible to pursue the Applied Communications degree offered from Ensign College (though students should consult with an advisor before doing so). Credits earned at BYU-Idaho will typically apply toward the Ensign College degree.
Will I be eligible for financial aid if I enroll in an Ensign College program?
If you are a U.S citizen or eligible noncitizen, you may qualify for U.S. federal financial aid. Please refer to
BYU-Pathway’s financial aid page for more information. We advise all students to list both institutional ID codes
on their FAFSA in order to have access to all academic offerings available through BYU-Pathway.
  • BYU-Idaho school code (OPE ID): 001625
  • Ensign College school code (OPE ID): 003672
If I get a certificate from Ensign College, then switch to a BYU-Idaho certificate/degree, do I have to reapply for financial aid?
No, not if you list both BYU-Idaho and Ensign College on your FAFSA. If you didn’t include both, you can include the school code (see above) you left out when you renew your FAFSA, which you will update every year.
Is tuition the same for degrees offered from BYU-Idaho and Ensign College?
Yes. View our tuition page for current pricing.

Additionally, for students who desire a campus experience instead of online — Ensign College offers a scholarship that allows students who complete BYU-Pathway’s foundational PathwayConnect courses to continue paying a reduced tuition rate, regardless of whether they attend Ensign College online or on campus.
What are the eligibility requirements to enroll in a program offered from Ensign College?
Eligibility requirements can be found on the BYU-Pathway admissions page.
Does Ensign College offer religion classes to online students?
If a student is pursuing a certificate or degree from Ensign College through BYU-Pathway, they will be able to receive all of their religion credits through their local Institute or online religion classes.
Which certificates will be most marketable?
All programs offered through BYU-Pathway Worldwide are designed to be marketable. BYU-Pathway offers recommended degree plans for each degree to further improve employment possibilities.