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Tuition for BYU-Pathway Worldwide's PathwayConnect is significantly reduced, making it possible for many more people to afford a degree. Tuition 1
In some countries there may be taxes, payments, or other credits associated with education. It is an individual's responsibility to understand and comply with tax laws for their country. Students are encouraged to consult their local tax authority for more information.
varies by country and is set to match the economic circumstances of local residents.
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Tuition Rates

Use the tool below to view tuition prices for students who start a degree through PathwayConnect.

Location Tuition RATE
per credit in

Did you know that you keep the low PathwayConnect tuition throughout your entire degree program? Visit this tool to see how much you’ll pay for your entire degree.

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Textbooks & Course Materials

There are no additional fees for textbooks or other course materials for the six courses in PathwayConnect. However, students who continue their degree online after completing those six courses will have some additional fees for textbooks and materials.
Does PathwayConnect offer payment plans?
No, PathwayConnect does not offer payment plans. However, students may choose to pay in installments, as long as their current balance is paid by the tuition payment deadline.
Are there any additional charges/fees?
No, there are no additional charges or fees during PathwayConnect (including textbooks or other course materials).
What will my tuition be if I enroll in a degree program after PathwayConnect?
PathwayConnect students who enroll in a BYU-Idaho online degree program will continue to pay the PathwayConnect tuition rate, which may increase periodically.