Graduating mom with her baby
Graduating mom with her baby
Graduating mom with her baby
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  • Promise Sackey.png
    "BYU-Pathway is really helping me to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. And to love the people around me."

    Promise Sackey
    Nigeria, Africa
  • Yuki Omine
    "I decided to try my best to pave the way for my dream of earning a degree by enrolling in BYU-Pathway Worldwide courses."

    Yuki Omine
    Kanagawa, Japan
  • Twyla Larman
    “It was almost 30 years since I had been in a classroom, and I was terrified. As much as I wanted to go back to college, I felt like I couldn’t do it until BYU-Pathway."

    Twyla Larman
    Texas, United States


All new students are eligible to receive a
The Heber J. Grant Tuition Discount is available for BYU-Pathway students. After enrolling and completing a lesson about principles of self-reliance, students will be awarded a tuition discount of 10, 25, or 50% off their tuition balance. Individual award amounts are determined by need.

To receive this scholarship:

  • STEP 1: Apply to BYU-Pathway Worldwide.
  • STEP 2: After enrolling, complete an interactive lesson in your student portal.

The tuition discount applies to all courses associated with PathwayConnect and online degree programs (offered in partnership with BYU-Idaho and Ensign College).

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BYU-Pathway can help you:

Get a Better Job
BYU-Pathway can help individuals earn job-ready certificates and/or a degree to establish or transition into a career.

“I’ve received blessings from the practical skills learned through BYU‑Pathway. The COVID-19 pandemic took a heavy toll on the company I worked for, and I was laid off along with many fellow employees. I began looking for a new job. Much to my surprise, one of my course lessons at that time was called “Finding a Better Job,”...I immediately applied the skills I learned and was able to find a great new company to work for.” Yuki Omine | Japan
Increase Your Faith in Jesus Christ
BYU-Pathway helps individuals connect to the gospel and make friends in their area by providing spiritual growth opportunities and fellowshipping.

“I wasn’t an active member when I first heard about PathwayConnect. It was God’s way to find me, His lost sheep. BYU-Pathway shaped my life. Those three semesters [in PathwayConnect] were the best times in school I have ever had. I learned so much from my institute classes that I went back to church.” Lavinia Tafuna | Tonga
Go at Your Own Pace
BYU-Pathway can be an excellent resource for those who want to start or complete a degree, but don't want to or can’t attend a Church-university campus because of distance, job, family responsibilities, or cost.

"I started BYU-Pathway the January after my divorce. I managed to work full time as a waitress, homeschool my kids, attend my BYU-Pathway meetings, and do well in my classes. My BYU-Pathway group, and the amazing classes, helped me overcome some of the hardest trials in my life as I adjusted to my new life on my own.” Dawson Turner | United States
Tuition bar graph showing how BYU-Pathway Worldwide is considerably less expensive than public universities and community colleges.

Low Cost

Tuition cost varies by country

At BYU-Pathway Worldwide, tuition is lower than nearly any other school.

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Tuition figures are represented in U.S. dollars. Tuition may increase annually. (This tuition rate is for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Individuals who are not members of the Church pay 25 percent more.)
PathwayConnect Tuition Estimate
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Estimate per Semester/Term
3 credits each semester
Students also take two free religion credits at a local institute
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3 semesters
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Take classes from home
All courses are completely online, allowing you to fit coursework around your job or other responsibilities. Degrees are awarded by BYU-Idaho and Ensign College, while BYU-Pathway provides the resources to help you succeed.


Build your faith

At BYU-Pathway, higher education means more than earning a degree. It means being inspired from on high through gospel-centered courses. 94% of students say that their participation in BYU-Pathway Worldwide increased their faith and testimony of Jesus Christ.

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Get a job — before graduating

Get a better job before finishing a degree! Earn a marketable certificate in one year or less — while earning your bachelor's degree. Many students see a boost in their employability after they complete a certificate, and then see an even bigger boost after earning a bachelor's degree.

Certificates and degrees are available in:

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There is never a perfect time to finish your degree. There will always be things that make it hard, but you can do hard things. I learned exactly what I needed to learn and it not only helped me academically, it helped me in my life!
Female graduate
Tasha Griffith
BYU-Idaho Graduate