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Partnership Highlights

BYU-Pathway’s vision and reach continues to extend beyond weekly gatherings and online courses alone. The program has begun partnering with other institutions and organizations to create even more learning opportunities for Saints throughout the world.

English Curriculum for Non-Native Speakers

BYU-Pathway is partnering with BYU, BYU-Hawaii, Self-Reliance Services, and the Missionary Department to develop a variety of English-learning programs for Church members throughout the world. These programs will serve the needs of individuals possessing a wide range of skill levels — from students learning basic grammar and vocabulary to those using English at the university level. (For more information, see “English-Language Learning Programs” in Future Initiatives .)


BYU-Pathway has partnered with LDS Business College in preparation to begin offering “microcourses” — online training that has been designed so that anyone anywhere in the world can learn practical and marketable skills that can be completed on demand for free or for a minimal cost. The courses range from 15 minutes of instruction on résumé writing, to a one-hour course on goal setting, to a 12-week course on computer programming resulting in an industry certification.

Flat-Rate Course Materials Fee

For some students, the cost of a university degree just got even more affordable. In partnership with the BYU-Idaho University Store, BYU-Idaho now charges a flat-rate course materials fee to all PathwayConnect alumni who a) are enrolled in an online degree program, and b) pay tuition of $45 or less per credit. The fee equals 10 percent of a student’s tuition and covers both textbooks and other course materials. The university is also working to provide digital materials as well as instructor-created content for all courses, which will further reduce overall student expenses.

Universidad Galileo

BYU-Idaho entered into a memorandum of understanding in May with Universidad Galileo in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The two universities will begin collaborating to develop programs to benefit students of both institutions. BYU-Idaho hopes this agreement may provide even more educational options for PathwayConnect alumni in Guatemala and other Central American countries. The memorandum aims to develop solutions for mutually-recognized certificates and degrees, student and faculty exchange programs, and easier credit transfers between the two universities.