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Future Initiatives


While BYU-Pathway Worldwide has served more than 50,000 students to date, more must be done to extend the program’s blessings to many other students. The following initiatives will be integral in this endeavor.

Improving Performance with Dashboard Data

BYU-Pathway is committed to extending its reach throughout the world and continually improving its offerings in areas where the program is already established. For this reason, online dashboards are being created for BYU-Pathway administrators that will provide at-a-glance indicators on how PathwayConnect is performing at individual locations. These indicators may include insights into application trends, retention rates, average academic performance, program completion rates, BYU-Idaho matriculation percentages, and much more.

English-Language Learning Programs

As a part of the CES Global Education Initiative, Church members throughout the world will soon have the resources to improve their English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. BYU, BYU-Hawaii, BYU-Idaho, BYU-Pathway, Self-Reliance Services, and the Missionary Department have begun collaborating to develop a unified suite of English-learning programs that will serve a wide range of participants’ English levels — from students learning basic grammar and vocabulary to those using English at the university level. Eventually, these programs will be delivered similarly to PathwayConnect with face-to-face gatherings, online curriculum and resources, and speaking partners.

Additionally, an official English certification exam will eventually be implemented into the English programs. This exam will offer industry-recognized credentials that students can present to employers.

BYU-Pathway Area Plans

Church leadership — including area presidencies, Self-Reliance Services, and ward and stake leaders — have area-specific objectives to help their members develop spiritually, temporally, and educationally. BYU-Pathway and BYU-Idaho will continue to strengthen their relationships with these organizations by creating area-specific plans to complement each area’s objectives. Closer coordination with these regional partners will provide increased educational and employment opportunities for members throughout the world. Through this collaborative effort, some of the products and services that could be offered include:

  • Job profiles and economic reports
  • Career and professional development workshops
  • Area-specific data about PathwayConnect and BYU-Idaho online students
  • Growth forecasts for PathwayConnect and BYU-Idaho online enrollment
  • Employment fairs (see “Increased Partnership with Self-Reliance Services” below)
  • Regular reviews of BYU-Idaho’s certificates and their relevance in the local job market

Increased Partnership with Self-Reliance Services

Like BYU-Pathway, Self-Reliance Services (SRS) has a global presence and is deeply invested in the development of Church members. BYU-Pathway has close and effective relationships with SRS in various areas of the world and will continue to expand to other areas where PathwayConnect operates. The work and purposes of Pathway and SRS are complementary, and additional coordination from both organizations can greatly benefit Church members. The fruits of this coordination could include local post-PathwayConnect workshops and career development opportunities. These workshops will focus on a wide range of professional development topics, including writing résumés, interviewing, networking, and more. Completion of these workshops could also be incorporated into earning a professional certificate through BYU-Idaho.

In addition to these workshops, BYU-Pathway and SRS may coordinate employment fairs where local employers can meet with PathwayConnect graduates and other Church members. Through students’ participation in PathwayConnect and the professional development workshops, employers can be promised candidates with a certain level of professional and English abilities.