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Carrying the Lessons of BYU-Pathway with Us

The lessons you're learning now will bless your life — learn how BYU-Pathway has helped three students from East Africa improve their lives

As hundreds of thousands of Africans have converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over the last decade, BYU-Pathway Worldwide has seen unprecedented growth. In 2020 alone, 7,413 African students enrolled in BYU-Pathway — a 94% increase from 2019! But more important than the total numbers are the personal, miraculous transformations of these students as they pursue higher education.

“You can actually feel a difference,” said Elder John Asuron, a service missionary from Kenya assigned to BYU-Pathway. “Now everybody has confidence. You can feel the hope in the people, as well as their increased spirituality. You can see they’re applying their knowledge as they lead.”

Read the inspiring stories of students in East Africa and how they are applying what they’re learning in BYU-Pathway!

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Hyera saw success as he learned time management.

Despite his excitement at pursuing his dream of education through BYU-Pathway, Hyera had never taken online courses before and struggled to turn assignments in on time.

“I didn’t know how to manage my time properly,” he said. “I was spending so much time on social media.”

Hyera felt disappointed he wasn’t achieving his goals. However, everything changed when he learned about time management in PathwayConnect. Hyera began to limit his time on social media and shifted his priorities to studying and spending time with family and friends.

Though he started to see success, Hyera still struggled sometimes, especially with math. But he didn’t give up! He learned about developing a growth mindset and believed he could improve as he worked hard.

Kampala, Uganda

Claire trusted in God and used her new skills to get a better job.
When Claire began BYU-Pathway, she didn’t have a device with internet access and had to travel to an internet cafe to work on her assignments. Though it wasn’t easy, Claire trusted in Nephi’s promise . “Because education is a commandment from God,” she said, “I knew He would provide a way.” 1

After the school she worked at closed due to COVID, Claire found part-time jobs to pay tuition. Her brother also gave her a smartphone — she could finally do her assignments at home!

Claire is earning a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. “My favorite part [of BYU-Pathway] is the confidence that I didn’t have before. I got the courage to go out there and try to find opportunities for my career development.”

Claire credits the skills she acquired in BYU-Pathway as the reason she landed a higher-paying teaching job in another school after they reopened.

At her new job, Claire performed tasks her coworkers did not want to without being asked. Her supervisor noticed, giving her additional responsibilities and discussing a potential promotion and pay raise. “We need to carry the lessons of BYU-Pathway with us,” Claire said. “I try to practice those things that I have learned, and I’m getting fruits. I feel so happy.”

Arusha, Tanzania

Nickson Amon
Nickson learned to become a more effective leader.

Nickson, a branch president and convert to the Church, initially enrolled in BYU-Pathway along with his wife and daughter to support them in their studies. Although Nickson already has a master’s degree, he discovered there was still a lot for him to learn.

As he participated, he strengthened his relationship with Jesus Christ and studied attributes which improved his leadership.

Nickson recognized that there’s a lot he can learn from the people he serves. “BYU-Pathway has motivated me and taught me what it means to be a more Christlike leader,” he said. “There must be trust. The members must feel that I love and care for them. All these things have added value to my leadership in the branch.”

To serve, Nickson has been working to find resources, including secondhand laptops, so that the members of his branch can also discover the blessings of BYU-Pathway.