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BYU-Pathway: More than Just a Degree

Learn how Laura’s perspective of BYU-Pathway changed and how she’s bringing others along for the journey

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I first heard about BYU-Pathway Worldwide in early 2020 from my brother-in-law back home in Zimbabwe. He told me it helps people earn a bachelor’s degree online and that he knew many people who had enrolled. I decided to investigate BYU-Pathway in Namibia and found it to be very interesting. I liked how the courses were so easily accessible and affordable compared to what local colleges charge. Although I initially thought the foundational PathwayConnect courses were just to help bridge a path to get to university, I decided to enroll.

Laura Muzingwani Portrait
Laura’s courses helped her develop a new life perspective and strengthen her testimony.

Discovering the benefits of BYU-Pathway

I already had a degree in medicine and surgery, as well as a postgraduate diploma in public health, so I didn’t think I would get much from BYU-Pathway. However, I hoped to better understand how the courses worked so I could influence my family members to join.

To my surprise, I learned much more than I thought I would. From the very beginning with PC 101: Life Skills, I discovered a lot about life and how I could improve my day-to-day activities. The fact that it was gospel-centered also testified of the truthfulness of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I wish I had taken BYU-Pathway courses before I went to college the first time. I think I could have achieved better grades and been less stressed.

Encouraging others to learn

A few courses in, I remembered my goal to invite others to join. I encouraged my younger sister, who had just completed a chef training course, to enroll in BYU-Pathway's courses for hospitality and tourism management . She was a little scared at first, but I told her I would support her. My sister enrolled during my second term, and I was very happy to achieve one of my goals before I had finished my own courses.

After completing the PathwayConnect courses, I continued on to earn an applied business management degree . When I received my first certificate, my husband was happy for me and wanted to know more. I had tried to convince him to join previously, but — just like me at first — he thought that BYU-Pathway was only to help people who struggle with school. I told him that I knew he could go straight into university with his current qualifications but that there were special lessons he could only learn through BYU-Pathway.

I shared some of the advantages with him, including how the online courses give you the flexibility to learn while continuing to work. I’m grateful my husband also enrolled in BYU-Pathway and is now in his second term. Like me, he’s also become a very strong advocate for BYU-Pathway and encourages people at home and church to enroll.

Laura holding her PathwayConnect completion certificate
Laura is an active advocate for BYU-Pathway in her community.

An open invitation

I encourage everyone, whether you already have a degree or not, to enroll in BYU-Pathway. There are so many things to learn from this program.

BYU-Pathway changed my perspective and opened my mind to the many possibilities out there, and I hope to continue to advocate for the program. I’m happy that my family members are joining, and I even volunteered to teach the youth in my branch about BYU-Pathway and to help support them in their education. BYU-Pathway is inspired: it can empower and strengthen anyone so that they can experience more joy and hope.

Contributor: Rachel Peterson