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3 Benefits of BYU-Pathway

Here are three reasons why thousands of people have benefited from BYU-Pathway on their educational journey

Getting an affordable and valuable education can be tough, especially with a busy schedule. That’s why BYU-Pathway Worldwide offers a number of benefits to every student.

Here are three of the reasons thousands of people have benefited from BYU-Pathway on their educational journey.

1. BYU-Pathway Won’t Break the Bank!

stack of coins
BYU-Pathway costs significantly less than most universities in the U.S.

Many options for a college education are expensive! That’s why BYU-Pathway was created to help you get the education you want and need at a low and affordable cost.

BYU-Pathway tuition ranges from $73 per credit in the United States for the one-year PathwayConnect program tuition and even lower in other countries — that’s five times less than the average tuition rate of most U.S. public universities! Students who immediately start with online certificate and degree programs pay just $125 per credit — less than half the cost of other universities. This gives you the opportunity to get the degree you’ve always wanted in a way that won’t put you in debt.

student at home working on his computer
BYU-Pathway student Brandon Puckett enjoys the flexibility of online courses.

2. You Choose When to Study

Life is busy. There are constant family responsibilities, church callings, work schedules, and other activities that demand your time on a daily basis.

BYU-Pathway understands that getting a degree might seem impossible to fit into your busy schedule — but an online education means it’s not impossible.

BYU-Pathway's online curriculum is flexible to your schedule. Whether you decide to do your homework at 3:00 in the afternoon or 10:00 in the morning, because the courses are online , you get to choose when you study.

3. An Easy Path to a University Degree

BYU-Pathway graduate Allison Olsen
Former PathwayConnect graduate and BYU-Pathway graduate Allison Olsen

Have you always wanted a degree? BYU-Pathway was created to give individuals like you an opportunity to earn a university degree from your own home.

Those who choose to begin their journey with PathwayConnect earn up to 16 credits during the one-year program that apply directly to an online degree program. Plus, upon successful completion of PathwayConnect, students keep the same PathwayConnect tuition rate throughout their entire certificate and degree program!

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