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Changing Careers and Circumstances

See how BYU-Pathway Worldwide students are getting better jobs — before graduating


In 2022, BYU-Pathway Worldwide connected more than 1,300 students with remote jobs. Through its unique certificate-first approach and distinctive resources (including third-party staffing companies and peer mentors), students are able to get better jobs, increase their self-reliance, find financial freedom, and spend more time with their families.

Kim Johnson, BYU-Pathway’s director of career services, said, “There are students throughout the world who need better jobs to continue their education and to change their circumstances. BYU-Pathway provides a forum to connect students to a variety of resources and job opportunities so they can gain skills and have a successful career.”

Building self-reliance through certificates

Copy of Andres Romeu 2.jpeg
Andres Romeu with his family

BYU-Pathway provides students with marketable skills early in their degree to help them find jobs that pay more, increase their self-reliance, and become better disciples of Jesus Christ. Certificates typically take one year or less to complete and give students a credential they can use to find a better job, even before graduating.

In Argentina, Andrés Romeu chose BYU-Pathway because it allowed him to work while going to school. After receiving his first certificate, he interviewed for a job with JPMorgan Chase. He said, “When I told [an executive] that I was studying at BYU-Pathway, he told me, ‘You made the right choice, and you’re studying at the right place.’ For me, it was very personal and a confirmation that all the sacrifice and the efforts were worth it, and he hired me.”

With each educational milestone, Andrés earned a raise and a promotion. He has since helped recruit many BYU-Pathway students to his company.

Connecting students with remote jobs

Copy of Andres Gomez 3.jpeg
Andres Gomez with his family

By partnering with multiple third-party companies that connect students with remote jobs in higher wage nations, BYU-Pathway is able to help students gain above average salaries and leadership skills. Typically, students double the salaries they were making previously.

Andrés Felipe Gómez Guerra from Colombia was a welder struggling to make ends meet. He wanted to better provide for his family and felt inspired to enroll in BYU-Pathway. After completing PathwayConnect, Andrés was hired at a bilingual contact center and increased his salary. After finishing his administrative assistant certificate , he connected with Bloom, a third-party staffing company that helps students get remote jobs. Now working there as a success manager, he’s earning more than eight times what he was making seven years ago! With greater financial stability, Andrés has been able to enjoy more time with his family and serve in the Church.

"I know with all my heart that BYU-Pathway has been inspired by God to bless the lives of all His children who need and want a high-quality education but who, due to economic and time challenges, cannot obtain it in their countries."

Andrés Felipe Gómez Guerra, Colombia

Peer mentoring

More than 500 students also work as peer mentors to help students succeed academically, professionally, and spiritually.

Copy of Sajjal Zia 3.jpeg
Sajjal Zia with her family

Sajjal Zia, an online degree-seeking student from Pakistan, is a peer mentor. This opportunity gave her a stable job, income, and confidence to pursue a career in graphic design. She said, “Working as a peer mentor has blessed me to pay my own tithing, save money for my education, and afford my expenses. God is preparing me for my future, and because of this, I have a positive feeling about the future and my goals.” Currently, Sajjal is pursuing certificates in graphic design and web development , as part of her degree from BYU-Idaho.

Though these students’ experiences are remarkable, they are not unique. BYU-Pathway provides students with the resources and support they need to gain spiritual, educational, and financial knowledge — propelling students beyond their current circumstances to brighter opportunities.