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Certificate Spotlight: Hospitality and Tourism Management

Learn why Malvin Kadzomba’s employers are loving his certificate


Malvin Kadzomba wasn’t the only one celebrating when he achieved his first milestone on the way to his bachelor’s degree — a certificate in hospitality and tourism management. His boss was happy too — happy enough to give Malvin his third promotion since starting his certificate courses! “My main goal is to run a big restaurant or hotel,” Malvin explained. “So this certificate is actually leading me in the right direction. It's helping me to get recognized.”

Entering the hospitality industry

Malvin’s progress to his goal first began when he enrolled in BYU‑Pathway Worldwide’s PathwayConnect in 2018. He was amazed by the support he found in his gathering group — it was almost tangible. “You could actually feel the love from the group. You could feel the encouragement,” he said.

The support gave him the confidence to pitch his new knowledge to his employer, who connected him with the owner of several five-star hotels. Malvin was offered a position as the finance and operations assistant with the company and would later be promoted again to stock controller. This encouraged him to continue his education by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in applied business management from BYU-Idaho, which is supported by BYU‑Pathway. Degrees are built by stacking three certificates, so he chose hospitality and tourism management as his first certificate, hoping to secure a management position in the company restaurants.

The immediate benefits of a certificate

Malvin outside the restaurant he manages
Malvin outside the restaurant he manages

During his certificate courses, Malvin learned marketable skills, like calculating food cost for menus, organizing data in spreadsheets, and tracking finances. As he learned these new skills, he communicated with his employer about his progress.

“Don’t just wait until you get a certificate to show your employer,” Malvin suggests. “During that time when you’re taking the courses, you should talk to the employer so they can actually see how you are progressing in your education, rather than just all of a sudden saying you have a certificate. When you reach a certain milestone, you celebrate together and the employer will think in the back of their mind: ‘Okay, this person is improving. Where can we put him where he can work best?’”

And the company knew exactly where Malvin would work best after he completed his certificate. With a third promotion, Malvin became a restaurant manager — a leap toward his long-term goal. He credits humility, integrity, and the certificate for helping him progress so quickly.

“With this education, I just went up immediately,” he said. “With experience you can find jobs. But now with a certificate and an education, you can actually jump some stages of employment and start with a better position and better paying salary.”

In addition to working as a restaurant manager, Malvin also used his new skills to open his own business renting out transportation to food delivery drivers.

Malvin’s favorite blessing

Malvin, Audrey, and Malcom
Malvin, Audrey, and Malcom

But Malvin’s most cherished successes are happening in his home. Speaking of his wife, Audrey, Malvin said, “She really is my better half, and I’m very grateful to have her by my side at all times.”

They have seen many good and difficult times together, including the loss of their baby girl. But in February 2020, they were blessed with another baby — their son, Malcom — who motivates Malvin to continue his education to bless his family.

Malvin is on track to earn his second certificate and his associate degree in applied business management, and will then continue on to complete his bachelor’s. He encourages all to obtain as much education as possible. “It will be tough sometimes,” Malvin said. “But as you push on you will find strength to encounter all the challenges you will face. With your goal in mind, you will certainly prevail.”

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