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I'm Home From my Mission: Now What?

Learn what’s worrying recently returned missionaries about education and how BYU-Pathway can help


Returning from a mission can be difficult. The good news is that the Lord is just as interested in your success at home as He was in your success as a missionary. Part of your ongoing success should include receiving a university-level education that helps you build your talents, prepare to support a future family, and serve others. BYU‑Pathway Worldwide is a spiritual, reduced-cost, online option that can help you do just that!

Higher education may feel a bit daunting. But don’t worry — that’s completely normal! In fact, here are some specific concerns other returned missionaries have expressed about college, and unique ways BYU‑Pathway is meeting their needs.

I haven’t been to school in several years. Am I ready? I don’t know where to start!

Gabriel de la Vega
Gabriel de la Vega

To apply to BYU‑Pathway, you don’t need to submit any ACT/SAT scores, and there are no application essays or fees. BYU‑Pathway also offers PathwayConnect — foundational courses that build confidence and teach academic skills completely online and at a reduced cost. All courses count toward a bachelor’s degree.

Gabriel, from the Philippines, felt grateful for BYU‑Pathway after his mission. “It helped me learn the tools I need, such as Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, and also helped me remember basic mathematics,” he said.

I can’t afford to get a degree right now.

Jade Tuckett
Jade Tuckett

A lot of returned missionaries express financial concerns after returning home. To help out, BYU‑Pathway has made tuition a fraction of what universities typically cost — even offering a 25% tuition discount for eligible returned missionaries.

After returning home to Utah, USA, after her mission, Jade Tuckett looked for an affordable way to get an education. “BYU‑Pathway was a huge blessing because you can make small payments over the course of the semester, and you get a discount as a returned missionary which makes it super affordable,” she said. “God will always provide a way to receive an education.”

Try selecting your country in this tuition calculator to see what tuition costs per credit where you are — remember to factor in the 25% discount!

I’m worried that my spiritual growth will slow or even stop after my mission.

Adeline Etete
Adeline Etete

When Adeline returned home to Nigeria after her mission, she was determined to stay spiritually strong. BYU‑Pathway helped by giving her opportunities to practice spiritual habits as part of her academic assignments.

“It was like a liahona reminding me what I need to do — studying the scriptures, praying often, building my testimony of Jesus Christ, building confidence in my career choice. It has expanded my knowledge both academically and spiritually,” she said.

I need to get a job, but my résumé is outdated now.

Kevin Barros del Duca
Kevin Barros del Duca

To help you gain skills you can quickly add to your résumé, BYU‑Pathway offers a certificate-first approach to getting a degree. This means that you’ll earn three certificates and an associate degree on the way to your bachelor’s degree — all for the same time and price as it would take to earn only a bachelor’s degree. Each certificate takes one year or less to complete, so you can improve your employment way before graduating!

During his mission, Kevin learned that he loved to teach. He explored this interest by earning a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. “I started studying to know how to teach a second language and, at that very moment, I got a job to work as a [language] teacher,” Kevin said. “I was working at a real job, applying what I was learning.”

As a missionary, you most likely assured your investigators that they didn’t need to have everything figured out at once — they just needed to start with one prayer or one chapter of the Book of Mormon. The answers came as they acted in faith, and the same will happen for your education!

To learn more about available certificates and degrees, check out our degree page . Semesters start every January, April, and September. Apply today at .