PC 103
University Skills
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University Skills (PC 103) is a course that invites learners to discover and strengthen the skills they need for continued success as they pursue certificates and degrees. Students practice using online tools and learn how to balance the demands of their home and work lives with the demands of online courses. Students also receive guidance and support as they apply for admission to and make a graduation plan for the online certificate and degree programs, offered in partnership with BYU-Idaho or Ensign College.

During this semester, students also begin the first certificate for their future bachelor’s degree, and their weekly gatherings support their experiences in those courses.

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    Time Commitment
    3–4 hours per week
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    Skills Gained
    Healthy habit development
    Overcoming obstacles
    Information validation
PC 103 University Skills
Course Outcomes
Create and follow an academic plan to a bachelor’s degree.
Demonstrate an understanding of local and online resources for online student success.