PC 102
Professional Skills
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Professional Skills (PC 102) is a course that invites students to develop their personal strengths and abilities in order to add value to their homes, workplaces, and communities. Activities invite students to chart their professional and academic path, communicate in job finding and professional situations, strengthen relationships, collaborate, manage conflict, and lead from anywhere through influence.

PC 102 also incorporates weekly gatherings where students take turns leading discussions and learning activities designed to support and enhance the topics in the course. 1
The courses offered through BYU-Pathway Worldwide are primarily developed using the Learning Model, which enables students to take greater responsibility for their own learning by having them prepare, teach one another, and apply their learning in their daily lives.
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    Time Commitment
    9-12 hours per week
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    Skills Gained
    Career management
    Teamwork and collaboration
    Decision making
    Problem solving
    Professional communication
PC 102 Professional Skills
Course Outcomes
Develop necessary skills to advance career.
Produce clear and professional writing.
Learn to use data and math to make decisions.