PC 101
Life Skills
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Life Skills (PC 101) is a course that helps students discover how to use education to reach their goals by providing them with specific skills, including communication, problem solving, and time and financial management. Throughout the course, students engage in writing and math activities that are designed to reinforce what they are learning each week.

PC 101 also incorporates weekly gatherings where students take turns leading discussions and learning activities designed to support and enhance the topics in the course.

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    Time Commitment
    9–12 hours per week
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    Skills Gained
    Time management and goals
    Personal financial management
    Avoiding thinking errors
    Developing talents and strengths
    Learning how to learn
Course Outcomes
Develop essential life skills, such as goal setting and problem solving.
Develop writing ability in organization, clarity, and audience awareness.
Learn and apply basic math skills to everyday situations.