Sheet Music
Sheet Music
BYU-Pathway Choir

Please carefully and thoroughly review the instructions below for participating in the BYU-Pathway Choir. If you have questions, contact

Step 1: Download Sheet Music

Download the sheet music for both songs, and print them out if you are able to do so.

Step 2: Practice Your Singing Part

Choose a signing part below (soprano, alto, tenor, bass), and then open the links associated with that singing part. (If you don't have a preference on a singing part, you can skip this step.)

Look at the sheet music for the songs, then listen to the audio tracks (linked below for your part) and practice singing. Please note that the audio files do not have words, and we definitely want you to sing the words, so follow along with the sheet music as you practice your part.

Once you have learned your part (above), you will then want to practice with the following audio tracks to ensure that you know your part well enough to record your video.

Step 3: Watch Choir Conductor

Watch the following videos of Sister Michelle Sundwall, our choir director, directing the two songs. (You won’t hear her singing, she is just “mouthing” the words.) Each song also includes a short instruction video. Watch the conducting videos 3–4 times or until you feel comfortable with the direction and pacing.

Step 4: Record Yourself Singing the Songs

  • Submit your recordings by Sunday, January 16.
  • Find a quiet space with good lighting to do your recording.
  • Dress in your Sunday best clothing.
  • If possible, watch the conductor while you are recording yourself singing.
    • For example, you could have a computer set up near you that plays the video of the conductor while you record yourself on a mobile device or with a different computer.
    • Remember to practice multiple times. The more familiar you are with the music, the more you can look at the camera.
    • Use earphones that connect to the video of Sister Sundwall directing the music. We should only hear your voice on the recording.
  • Visit this page, and follow the instructions to begin recording yourself singing the songs. You will record each song separately.
  • Start the recording to record yourself singing the first song. Then, press play on the video to watch the choir conductor as you record yourself singing. Then record yourself singing the second song. Remember, only record yourself singing. Be sure there is no other noise being recorded.

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Have questions about the instructions above? If so, watch this recording from a recent live Q&A session:

Watch the Recording of this Q&A (Passcode: JL$rv9C)