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Tuition & Tuition Discounts

How do I pay my tuition?
To pay tuition, students should do the following:
  1. Log in at
  2. In the student portal, click the “Finances” menu at the top of the screen, and select “Make a Payment.”
When is tuition due?
Students are encouraged to pay tuition on or before the first day of the semester. Students must pay their current balance by the end of the semester in order to be permitted to enroll in future semesters.

Students may choose to pay in full or make payments throughout the semester. For students who make payments, late fees will be applied as follows:

  • For students enrolled in BYU-Pathway’s PathwayConnect: A 5% late fee will be applied to any outstanding balance not paid by the Monday of the last week of the semester.
  • For students who have completed PathwayConnect — or for students who did not participate in PathwayConnect: A 5% late fee will be applied to any outstanding balance not paid by Day 8 of the semester.

Students who do not pay their tuition in full by the end of a semester will not be able to take additional courses until payment is made.
Will I have to buy textbooks?
Students participating in BYU-Pathway’s PathwayConnect do not have any additional costs for textbooks while enrolled in those foundational courses. After completing PathwayConnect — or for students who did not participate in PathwayConnect — costs for textbooks vary:

For students whose tuition is higher than $83 per credit:
The cost of textbooks varies by course.

For students whose tuition is $83 per credit or less:
Thanks to generous donors, the cost of course materials are covered for students who pay $83 or less per credit. Students will receive more information about how to access their course materials when they register for courses in their online degree program.
Tuition Discounts
Are tuition discounts available?
Please visit our Financial Aid web page for details.
What scholarships are available?
BYU-Pathway Worldwide offers a few scholarships. The primary scholarship that applies to all students who begin a degree through the preferred path is the Heber J. Grant Scholarship. Every student is eligible for a minimum 10% tuition discount.

Learn more about available scholarships.
Will my participation in BYU-Pathway Worldwide affect the taxes I pay?
Possibly. Each country has a separate set of laws. As a result of a student's participation, taxes or other payments may be owed to his/her local government. It is each student's responsibility to understand those laws and comply.

U.S. Students: BYU-Pathway is unable to extend 1098-T tax forms to students in PathwayConnect. For additional insights on how your tuition should be accounted for, please speak with a tax professional. If you choose to continue to an online degree program, you will receive these forms from BYU-Idaho or Ensign College.