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Courses & Gathering

PathwayConnect Courses
What courses do I take during PathwayConnect?
Each term during PathwayConnect, students take a course load consisting of both academic and religious education. PathwayConnect’s academic courses are offered online. Religion classes are offered through local institute programs.
Which institute courses do PathwaysConnect students take each semester during PathwayConnect?
The institute courses students take vary at each institute location. Students should contact their local institute to find out which courses are offered.
What day do my PathwayConnect courses begin?
To find out the first day of online classes, visit our Apply to PathwayConnect web page. The first day of institute classes varies by location. Students should contact their local institute or service missionaries for more information.
Can I substitute credits from other schools or universities to replace PathwayConnect Courses?
Students cannot substitute an academic course taken at another school for a PathwayConnect academic course. However, students who can show proof of having received credit for taking FDREL 200, 250, 275, and/or 121 & 122* from BYU-Idaho, another Church university, or an institute of religion may contact BYU-Pathway Support to request an exception.

*Students must have taken both FDREL 121 and 122 to be eligible for substitution.
Is Tutoring available?
Yes. BYU-Idaho provides free tutoring to PathwayConnect students for most academic subjects. Information about how to sign up for a tutor is found within eligible PathwayConnect courses under the “Course” folder, then “Resources.”
Can I take more than the 5 required credits per semester?
No, PathwayConnect students may not exceed 5 course credits in a single semester. (After PathwayConnect, however, students who enter the BYU-Idaho Online Degree Program may take as many credits as they desire.)
Can I retake a PathwayConnect Course?
Yes. For detailed information, see Section 3.4 of the BYU-Pathway Handbook.
If my institute is teaching a course that I have already taken previously for credit, am I required to take the course again because I'm in PathwayConnect?
All 18–30-year-old PathwayConnect students are required to take one institute course per semester. If the course being taught in a given semester is one a student has already taken for credit, the student can consider taking a different institute class if one is available. Students in this situation should discuss options with their local institute director.
How do I print my PathwayConnect completion certificate?
Once students finish PathwayConnect, they can print their completion certificate after final grades have been posted and their tuition has been paid. To print a completion certificate:

  1. Sign in at, and select “PathwayConnect Certificates” from the top-right menu.
  2. Check that your name and the year are correct when the completion certificate opens in a new tab. (If you have not earned a completion certificate, an error message will appear.)
  3. Please contact your service missionaries or peer mentor if the information on your completion certificate is not correct.
Assignment & Grades
Whom do I contact for help or issues with my online courses?
Students should contact their peer mentor or online instructor(s) for questions, concerns, or other issues with their courses.
What happens if I fail a class?
Students who fail a course are encouraged to retake it for a higher grade. Failing grades significantly impact a student’s cumulative GPA, which could have an effect on their eligibility when applying for future educational opportunities and programs.
How do I completely withdraw from PathwayConnect?
Withdrawing from PathwayConnect removes students from all current courses. Students who withdraw and desire to join the program later will need to reapply.

To withdraw from PathwayConnect, do the following:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the arrow next to your name to open a drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Withdraw from Program.”
I want to drop one of my PathwayConnect Courses but keep the other one. Can I do that?
No. A student’s only option for dropping courses is to completely withdraw from PathwayConnect.
What can I do if I have a complaint about my instructor?
While the vast majority of PathwayConnect students are pleased with their online instructors, students may occasionally have a complaint or issue with an instructor that needs attention. Following are the steps a student can take to resolve issues with an instructor:
  1. Contact Instructor: Students should kindly contact their online instructor through email and express their concern(s).
  2. File a Complaint: If students are not able to resolve their issues through direct contact with their instructors, students have two options:
    • File an anonymous complaint: Students might do this when they want to inform administrators of a minor situation. (Example: instructor not responding to email)
    • File a formal grievance: Students might file a formal grievance when they are experiencing a major issue with an instructor or when filing an anonymous complaint has not solved the problem. These complaints are not anonymous. (Examples: instructor harassing a student, instructor accusing a student of cheating without evidence)
  3. Complaints may be filed by contacting your peer mentor.
Am I required to go to the PathwayConnect Gatherings?
Yes, attendance at weekly PathwayConnect gatherings is expected and comprises a significant part of a student’s overall course grade.
Can I miss a gathering?
Yes, but students lose attendance points in their course for every missed gathering. Because attendance comprises a significant part of a student’s overall course grade, students should commit to attending all gatherings.

In certain situations, including medical emergencies, individual gatherings may be excused for a student. Such determinations, however, are made at the sole discretion of individual online instructors.
What do I do if my gathering is cancelled?
In very rare instances, Pathway missionaries may cancel a gathering due to extreme weather or other unsafe situations. If such a situation occurs, students will not lose attendance points in their course. Students must notify their instructor(s) of the reason for the gathering cancellation and request an attendance exception.
If I am traveling, can I attend a PathwayConnect Gathering in the area I am visiting and receive attendance credit?
Yes, students who are traveling and are unable to attend their assigned academic gathering may attend another gathering in the city they are visiting and still obtain attendance credit. Traveling students are encouraged to attend a gathering with the same course as their own; however, students who do not have that option may attend any PathwayConnect gathering. (This does not apply to institute courses.) Students should direct any attendance-related questions to their online instructors for BYU-Idaho courses or their institute instructor for institute courses.

To find a gathering location in a city you are traveling to, please contact your peer mentor or service missionaries.
I want to learn more about PathwayConnect by attending a PathwayConnect Gathering. What do I need to do?
To schedule a visit to a PathwayConnect gathering, please contact the local service missionaries or contact us through our BYU-Pathway Guide Bot.
I'm moving. How do I change to a different PathwayConnect site?
Contact your peer mentor for assistance.