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Certificates & Degrees

What online certificates and degrees are available?
Available degree options may be found on the certificates and degrees program list.
What is the difference between a certificate, an associate degree, and a bachelor's degree?

  • A certificate is 12–15 credits and focuses on one area of study.
  • An associate degree is 60 credits and includes general studies.
  • A bachelor’s degree is 120 credits and includes a major field of study as well as general studies. Bachelor’s degrees are built by stacking three certificates.
What if I already have an associate or bachelor’s degree?
Most general associate degrees will transfer into an online bachelor’s degree from BYU-Idaho or Ensign College. However, not all associate degrees will apply to every bachelor’s degree. Previous credits will be evaluated after a student has been admitted and submits previous college transcripts.

Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree or higher at any other institution can pursue an additional degree through an online program. Typically, general education courses will be waived and only core courses and religion credits will be required.
Can I change my major?
Majors/certificates are declared at the time a student starts their online degree program. Students who wish to change should take the following steps below. You can also contact us or your peer mentor.
  • BYU-Idaho: Change your major in the Degree Planner (located inside the BYU-Pathway Portal).
  • Ensign College: Change your certificate by accessing the BYU-Pathway Portal and clicking “Edit” next to your certificate.
How do I know what courses to take?
The Degree Planner lists the courses students should take for their specific degree. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure they meet all of the necessary requirements.
What courses should I register for?
After students have been admitted, and once any previous university transcripts have been evaluated, they should prepare to register for courses.
  • BYU-Idaho: Students should access their Degree Planner (located inside the BYU-Pathway Portal), which outlines their entire degree plan and shows which courses to take.
  • Ensign College: Students should access the BYU-Pathway Portal and click “Edit” next to the “Courses” section. That form will outline which courses they should take.

Students who have questions should contact their mentor for help.

Students who are enrolled in BYU-Pathway’s foundational courses (called PathwayConnect) are given a prescribed curriculum and do not get to choose their courses.
What are the graduation requirements for a bachelor's degree?
To complete a bachelor’s degree, students must:
  • Complete required religion courses
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher (a "C" average)
  • Earn 120 credits
  • Complete major requirements
  • Complete required resident credits:
    • For online degrees earned from BYU-Idaho: Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours from BYU-Idaho.
    • For online degrees earned from Ensign College: Students must complete at least 50% of the total credits required for a bachelor’s degree from Ensign College.
Why are my first certificate and degree coming from two different schools?
BYU-Pathway provides access to select certificates and degrees from both BYU-Idaho and Ensign College. Through this partnership, students have access to a wider variety of offerings, some of which may only be available through one of these institutions. However, a certificate earned through Ensign College is still able to be applied to a degree from BYU-Idaho through the transfer of credits.
Can I get advice for planning my degree?
Contact us or your peer mentor to get help with:
  • Advising students regarding available certificates and degrees
  • Provide students with specific advising and counsel based on their geographical area
  • Give guidance on course planning
  • Inform students of academic resources, such as tutoring and disability services
What is my degree audit?
A Degree Audit is the official document that shows you the academic requirements for your chosen degree. As the student, you have the responsibility to make sure you fulfill all requirements necessary for graduation. Advising can assist students in understanding academic requirements.

You can access your Degree Audit in your BYU-Pathway Portal by logging in at
How do I change my major?
If you would like to explore other majors, we recommend researching the online degrees we offer on our certificates and degrees list.

Once you know what major you would like to switch to, please contact us or your mentor for help.