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Student Ecclesiastical Endorsements

BYU-Pathway Worldwide is part of the Church Educational System (CES). Attending a CES institution is unique because students and faculty try to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. This includes academic honesty, respect, and living a virtuous life — all of which contribute to a positive learning environment.

An ecclesiastical endorsement is an interview to discuss your willingness to live a faithful life. It will include the Ecclesiastical Endorsement Questions. We invite you to use the ecclesiastical endorsement as an important tool for your success.

General Information

What exactly is an ecclesiastical endorsement, and what’s involved in getting one?

Ecclesiastical endorsements are not required to participate in BYU-Pathway foundational courses (EnglishConnect 3 and PathwayConnect). Before starting your online certificates and degrees program, you must receive an ecclesiastical endorsement.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Students who are members of the Church must be initially endorsed by their bishop/branch president and then their stake presidency. They will be notified annually to renew their endorsement.  

Friends of the Church
Students who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can complete the first ecclesiastical endorsement interview with a local bishop/branch president or with their own faith leader. The second interview will be with a BYU-Pathway chaplain. Ecclesiastical endorsement questions vary slightly for non-member students. They will be notified annually to renew their endorsement with a BYU-Pathway chaplain.

Common Questions

How do I set up my interview?
After you have requested an ecclesiastical endorsement as part of enrolling in your certificates and degrees program, you should set up an appointment with a bishop/branch president or the religious leader of your faith. Contact them to briefly explain why you want to meet.
Where can I find help?
What can I expect during an ecclesiastical interview?
You will meet one-on-one with either a bishop/branch president from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or the local leader of your faith to discuss the Ecclesiastical Endorsement Questions . (This is separate from a temple recommend interview for members of the Church.) Your religious leader will simply ask you a few questions about your willingness to live by the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is a great time for you to ask questions! If there is something you don’t understand or are concerned about, your religious leader is an excellent person to talk to. Including them on your educational journey also gives them the opportunity to provide you with support, if needed.