Student seated in large theater or conference center
Student seated in large theater or conference center
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July 2024 Devotional

Elder Juan Pablo Villar

General Authority Seventy

"Covenants and Revelation for Our Lives"

"Covenants and Personal Revelation for Our Lives"

The video will premiere on Tuesday, July 16 at 10 a.m. (MDT/UTC-6).


About the Speaker

Juan Pablo Villar is a General Authority Seventy and the assistant executive director of the Temple and Missionary Departments. Elder Villar studied communication and marketing and earned an MBA from BYU. He’s worked with medical device marketing, mining, and business improvement programs in Latin America. He and his wife, Carola, presided over the Spain Barcelona Mission and are the parents of three children.

Instructions for Discussion

Below are suggested questions you can ask students to reflect on to help with your discussion. You may be inspired to ask different questions based on the needs of your group.

  • Elder Villar says that when we make covenants, "We declare our intention to live, behave, and honor...sacred promises and to act accordingly. In return, Heavenly Father promises incredible blessings to us." What blessings have you received because you have made covenants with Heavenly Father?
  • Elder Villar says that revelation is how Heavenly Father communicates with His children. While we can pray for this inspiration, we must also work to do our part, like Nephi. What have you done to work hard for your education? What have you sacrificed? Have you received revelation at times that has helped direct your path? Can someone share what they have learned from this?