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Remember Your “Why”

Keeping the end in mind can help you push forward when you feel discouraged

Keeping the end in mind

BYU-Pathway Worldwide classes are full of students with families, jobs, Church callings, hopes, and dreams that initially inspired them to join BYU-Pathway. But the time and effort these things require can often become the very reason students become overwhelmed, lose sight of why they started in the first place, and stop taking courses.

President Brian K. Ashton said in a Facebook live , “With respect to education, when we think celestial, we choose to always be learning and we get as much education as we can…. Too often BYU-Pathway students stop their education early.” 1
Facebook Live, Jan. 16, 2024

A helpful way to continue your educational journey is by keeping the end in mind. Remember your “why” — why you started BYU-Pathway in the first place. This can inspire you to keep going when you feel discouraged.

Find your shoreline

In a January 2024 devotional, BYU-Idaho President Alvin F. Meredith III shared the story of Florence Chadwick, a long-distance, open-water swimmer who was determined to be the first woman to swim the 22 miles from Catalina Island to the California Coast.

When she began her swim, the coast was covered in dense fog, making it impossible to see. Chadwick continued on in the freezing water. After 16 hours, Chadwick was hoisted into the boat and gave up early, unaware that the shoreline was only a half-mile away.

To a reporter, Chadwick said, “Look, I’m not excusing myself, but if I could have just seen land, I might have made it.”

Chadwick tried again two months later. Although the fog was covering her destination again, Chadwick said she kept a mental image of the shoreline in mind, allowing her to accomplish her goal. 2
Alvin F. Meredith III, “Begin with the End in Mind” (BYU-Idaho Devotional, Jan. 9, 2024),
A man is in a video call on his laptop.
Mentors can help students push through discouragement.

Remembering your “why”

It’s easy to forget your vision when you’re in the middle of a course and it’s demanding more of you. But, if you picture in your mind the “shoreline of graduation” (or even the end of a semester), it becomes easier. Remembering your “why” pushes you to overcome trials and eventually reach your goals.

When you first meet with a BYU-Pathway mentor , they normally ask you why you decided to enroll. These mentors are an essential tool to help you remember why you started at BYU-Pathway when you’re struggling to remember it yourself. They can help you keep the end in mind.

We know that life circumstances and events beyond your control may occasionally prevent you from completing a course or semester. But, like Florence Chadwick, we hope you find a way to make it back into the water to achieve your goals and dreams. Whether that means completing your next assignment, class, or certificate — or even finishing your whole degree — beginning with the end in mind will help you better understand who you are and the many incredible things you’re capable of. You’ve got this!

Why did you first decide to join BYU-Pathway? How has it been a blessing in your life so far? Share your story with us!