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3 Tips for Overcoming Uncertainty

Learn how to keep moving, even when the future is unknown

Lady Praying in a Field
Sariah worried for the safety of her sons.
The feeling of uncertainty can be paralyzing — even exhausting at times. It chases away any peace in the moment or excitement for the future. Look at Book of Mormon saints Sariah or Samuel (the Lamanite), for example. When Nephi and his brothers returned to Jerusalem, Sariah had no idea if her sons would survive or be killed. 1
Samuel was asked to go back to teach people who were overwhelmingly hostile for a second time. 2
These experiences were difficult, but illustrated how uncertainty can provide ideal opportunities to partner with the Lord. On your own, uncertainty has the power to paralyze you. With the Lord, it has the power to propel you forward!
So how do you shift from gritting your teeth against uncertainty to embracing it? Here are three tips to keep moving toward your goals.

1. Identify what’s in your control

Start by identifying what is in your control and what is not. Although the things that are out of your control still matter, worrying about them takes up the energy you need to accomplish the things you can control. Writing these things down will help you sort through your thoughts and feelings and take the best next steps.

2. Commit to action today

Lady that is Smiling
One thing is always certain: God loves His children.

Once you’ve identified what is and is not in your control, commit to act! Accomplishing even the smallest task in your control will motivate you to keep going. Nephi had the huge task of retrieving valuable records, including scriptures and family histories, from a powerful and wicked man. Where did he start with this seemingly impossible task? By stepping inside the city.

He said, “I was led by the spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do.” 3 One step led to another, and he left that city with the records! You can start by taking the first step to change your circumstances.

3. Keep an eternal perspective

Maintaining an eternal perspective means using our past experiences to find hope for the future. It’s also helpful to remember that there is much more to life than our current circumstances. Remembering past miracles helps you see how God has helped you before, maybe in ways you hadn’t realized at the time. Pondering on these experiences will strengthen your faith in Him and give you hope for a bright future.

You may notice while remembering past miracles that they didn’t always come immediately. The Lord has a unique timeline for each of us. Each miracle is handmade by Him, so trust that He has the best timing for you in mind!

You’re going to make it!

Mother Hugging her Son
Sariah rejoicing with the return of her sons.
In the midst of uncertainty, it is sometimes hard to see Heavenly Father’s help. Although it’s not always obvious, we can trust that God is present in our lives. Holding to that belief helps dispel the fear and anxiety that uncertainty often brings. President James E. Faust said, “Let us not take counsel from our fears. May we remember always to be of good cheer, put our faith in God, and live worthy for Him to direct us.” 4
James E. Faust, “Be Not Afraid,” Ensign or Liahona, Oct. 2002, 6
As you apply these tips, you will gain a better relationship with your Heavenly Father. Like the Book of Mormon example Sariah, you’ll be able to say you “know of a surety” 5 that it is indeed the Lord guiding you through the unknown. Although there are many uncertainties in life, one thing is always certain: God loves His children — including you!