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5 Ways to Increase Your Confidence Through Education

Confidence plays a crucial role in success — and education is part of the formula

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Building self-assurance does not come easy for everyone. In fact, when it comes to building and demonstrating confidence, most people struggle. By furthering your education, a greater appreciation of your own abilities or qualities can be developed, and you will find yourself more successful than ever.

Here are five ways education can benefit you:

1. Build confidence

Knowledge builds assurance. It expands our understanding of important principles and concepts. Becoming more knowledgeable in various subjects will help you feel sure about yourself and the things you are learning. This confidence will begin to show in your grades, relationships, and in obtaining your goals.

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Education can help you feel sure about yourself.

2. Make attainable goals

In education, and in life, it is important to set short-term and long-term goals that are attainable but also stretch you to realize your potential. Your goals could be as simple as making your bed in the morning, completing daily scripture study, earning better grades in your courses, or obtaining a certificate or degree. As you meet these goals, your confidence in yourself and in your abilities will increase.

3. Become a “finisher”

A finisher is someone who, regardless of any mishaps or trials that arise, finish what they have started. As you practice finishing your assignments, semesters, and other responsibilities, your determination to become a finisher can increase. Having this finishing attitude will help you as you get into the work field, serve in your home, and even strengthen relationships.

Learn more about becoming a finisher in the General Conference talk “ Finishers Wanted ” by President Thomas S. Monson in 1972.

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“Having this finishing attitude will help you as you get into the work field, serve in your home and even strengthen relationships.”

4. Develop a deeper self-concept

In learning, we come to know ourselves in ways we might not have understood before. As you come to better understand who you are and what your life goals are, you can become more certain of your future. Setting goals and understanding yourself will create a foundation to build your conviction.

5. Realize that you are unique

You are a unique son or daughter of Heavenly Father. Don’t try to compare yourself or your grades to others because you’ll never be them. You are your own self and you should be proud of who you are. Your unique qualities and strengths will build up those around you in your courses, families, and careers. Have surety in the person God has helped you become. Strive to progress toward Him, but never try to be someone you are not.


Confidence comes with patience and practice

If you do not think of yourself as a confident student, parent, friend, or disciple, do not be discouraged. Remember, reaching your potential doesn’t happen in a day, it takes time as you strive to become more Christlike and build yourself up. As you do, you will become confident in yourself and in your future.

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