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4 Ways to Make 2019 YOUR Year


It’s that time of year again. The time of year when the gym is filled to the brim on January 1 but disappointingly empty on January 2. The time when you promise yourself that you will read that book that’s been on the shelf for two years, or learn to play the guitar that has collected dust in your closet.

The New Year brings a sense of renewal that lasts for months. However, the challenge that many people face is a well-thought-out list that may get stuck in a drawer for the better part of the year.

This common theme of not reaching goals only seems to increase as the year goes on. So here are 4 simple ways to help you make your goals last.

1. Be SMART about your goal planning

When making resolutions, it’s important to think SMART.

Specific: Make a specific goal. Instead of saying “I want to be better at reading the scriptures,” try saying, “I will read one chapter of the Book of Mormon every day.”

Measurable: Your goal should be something you can assess and measure. Perhaps this will include a visual chart that you can use to see your progress.

Attainable: Be sure that your goals aren’t too far-fetched. Make goals that you know you can honestly reach or afford in that year.

Relevant: While long-term goals are great and even necessary to our eternal potential, it’s important to make goals that are relevant to your life right now.

Time-bound: Setting a deadline and holding yourself to that deadline will help you reach your goal in a more realistic amount of time

By considering these SMART steps in your goal-setting, you will find that your resolutions are more rewarding.

Scripture Study
Choose goals that you can measure, like reading the Book of Mormon or learning a new instrument.

2. Include God in your New Year’s resolutions

Elder Larry R. Lawrence reminds us of the important question, “What lack I yet?” 1
Elder Larry R. Lawrence, “What Lack I Yet?” October 2015
By sincerely praying and pondering what you can improve, the Lord will bring to light those things in your life.

This could include being more charitable, getting an education, striving to be more punctual, learning to paint, etc. These small and simple steps can help you become more Christ-like and make your goals more meaningful.

Including God in your goals will help you keep an eternal perspective and give you the confidence to keep trying.

3. Challenge yourself, but be realistic

Goals should stretch you, but not overwhelm you. When deciding what goals to consider for the coming year, think about what you can physically, financially, and emotionally afford when obtaining these goals.

For example, if getting straight A’s in your courses seems too much to consider, perhaps the goal should be to get mostly A’s and one or two B’s. It is important to keep your goals attainable, but remember to keep them challenging.

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It is important to keep your goals attainable. Don’t try to push yourself too hard, but keep it a challenge.

4. Make yourself accountable by relying on friends and family

When you make your list of goals, consider sharing them with a spouse, parent, coworker, fellow student, or close friend. By sharing your goals with others, you become accountable for the things you do and do not accomplish.

Having someone to follow-up, support, and encourage you in your goals could be just the push you need to complete your resolutions for the new year.

Keeping yourself accountable by including your friends or family members in your New Year’s resolutions is a great way to keep yourself on track with your goals.

Give your resolutions some thought

Take a moment to consider New Year’s resolutions and give yourself an opportunity to grow in a SMART and realistic way. As you check off these goals throughout the year, you will experience increased self-esteem and a greater appreciation for making and finishing goals.

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