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Student to Student: Advice from Our Writers (Part 5)

Three BYU-Pathway writers share how they succeed in their education

Erika, Davide, and Sienna are all writing interns and current or former students
Our BYU-Pathway communications interns shared tips that have helped them get the most out of their education. Read on to see which of these tips can help you as a student!

Erika, BYU-Idaho Student

If you allow it, school can really help you grow in knowledge and character. Here are some ways you can continue to develop and improve:

Erika, a BYU-Idaho student

  • Be merciful with yourself. It can be difficult to show yourself mercy, especially in academics. If God is so merciful, we should show mercy to ourselves. When you don’t get the grade you wanted, try not to beat yourself up or think less of yourself. There’s only so much you can do, so be kind to yourself.
  • Set goals and make plans. We are meant to progress! Set goals and make a plan to accomplish them so that overwhelming tasks become more manageable. Set milestones, make plans, or create checkpoints. As you check off tasks, you feel more productive and accomplished, which helps in combating stress.

Sienna, Utah Valley University Graduate

School was a rewarding journey for me, but sometimes it was tough to balance education with everything else. My main advice is to always rely on the Lord. Additionally:

Sienna, a Utah Valley University graduate

  • Work closely with your resources, such as mentors , instructors, service missionaries, and fellow students. I got the most out of my coursework when I collaborated with others. Ask questions often. Show that you want to improve in every course. 
  • Don’t try to be perfect! Once I focused on what I was learning instead of just getting a top grade, my education became a lot more enjoyable. I put more energy into what I was most passionate about. The skills you gain and the things you learn are much more important than just getting an ‘A’ at the end of a course. 

Davide, BYU-Idaho Student

For some reason, challenges tend to come all at once. When trials pile up along with academic difficulties, I find comfort and guidance by following these tips:

Davide, a BYU-Idaho student

  • Keep the Lord on your ship. In the New Testament, why did Jesus scold his apostles after calming the storm? Because He was on board, and the apostles should have realized that the ship couldn’t (and wouldn't) sink under those circumstances. Especially in moments of hardship, make sure the Savior is on your ship by following Him. 
  • Master the art of showing up. People say that 90 percent of success is just showing up. In school, showing up involves attending all meetings, reading all the announcements, and submitting every assignment. All we’re asked to do is to run—not necessarily "faster than [we have] strength," 1 but to run nonetheless.

Try a few of these tips, and see if they help you. We wish you the very best and know that the Lord will help you accomplish great things!