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4 Ways to Find Balance with Technology

Ever feel like technology is taking over? Follow these tips to find greater balance in life

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Technology. It’s a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips and can help us accomplish our goals and connect with others. However, it’s also packed with false truths, and too much time spent with it can actually disconnect us from the world around us. Stephen W. Owen, former Young Men General President of the Church, said it best: “Modern technologies bless us in many ways. They can connect us with friends and family, with information, and with news about current events around the world. However, they can also distract us from the most important connection: our connection with heaven.” 1
Stephen W. Owen, “Be Faithful, Not Faithless,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2019, 12

It’s important to develop a healthy sense of when to use technology and when to disconnect. Here are four tips to help you live a well-balanced life in a world full of technology.

1. Use it to create positivity

Using technology for school and work can bring immense blessings, as well as using it to spread kindness, create friendships, and study the gospel. Seeking to use technology in positive ways can open doors for opportunities to learn, serve others, and share blessings!

2. Recognize when it’s helping or hurting

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Use technology in ways that will help you be productive.

Have there been times when notifications on your phone have distracted you from a task? You might think you’ll only spend a moment checking your phone, but before you know it — you’ve spent way too much time away from your original goal. Remember your goal and do whatever you can to focus on it.

To avoid distractions when doing important things, adjusting the settings on your phone or computer can be a huge help. Consider turning off notifications, programming screen time limits on certain apps, and deciding to focus on productivity. However, some technology may actually help you focus — such as background music or listening to an audiobook or podcast. Try different things and gauge how productive you are. Eventually you’ll learn how to use technology to forward your personal growth.

3. Make time for tech-free activities

Choosing to put technology away for a certain amount of time can allow you to refocus on goals or escape stress for a moment. We can do this by regularly designating tech-free time in our schedules.

Purposefully participating in tech-free activities can help avoid overusing technology. Some tech-free activities include using physical scriptures for gospel study, playing games with family and friends, or visiting a friend, going on a walk, or reading a book.

Making time to develop your talents and do the things you enjoy most can help ensure you have plenty of time away from technology.

4. Use technology to invite the Spirit

Young woman taking general conference notes
Many Church recourses are available online.

Taking a break from your work and studies on Sundays to focus on the Sabbath is another great way to balance technology use. You can use technology to study scriptures, listen to general conference messages, learn about your ancestors on FamilySearch , or share uplifting quotes on social media. Dusting off your paper copy of the scriptures, visiting a grandparent, or ministering to a neighbor are also great ways to disconnect.

While it’s entirely up to each individual, using the Sabbath to spend time with the Savior and to study His gospel can bring peace and comfort to your busy life. Often, by choosing to dedicate time to the Lord on Sundays, He can magnify the time and effort put toward goals during the rest of the week.

Remember, balance is key!

It’s important to make the best use of technology in our lives. Taking time away from technology, using it to spread positivity, and using it to invite the Spirit can help you better see and experience the blessings that it brings.

How do you balance your use of technology? Share in the comments!