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No Poor Among Us

Learn how BYU-Pathway Worldwide scholarships are helping to build self-reliance and eliminate poverty

While speaking about building Zion , Sister Melinda Ashton highlighted BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s unique role:No other Church institution has the worldwide reach and access to spiritually based, job-ready certificates and degrees like BYU-Pathway. BYU-Pathway can provide higher education that will help our students get out of spiritual and temporal poverty in nearly every place that the Church is organized. Those students in turn can help others to become self-reliant until there are no poor among us. 1
Brian and Melinda Ashton, “Building Zion” (BYU-Pathway Worldwide devotional, Sept. 20, 2022),; see also Moses 7:18

Why is having “no poor among us” such an important characteristic of Zion? In the Book of Mormon, unrighteous pride divided the Nephites. Some had the opportunity to learn because of their riches, while others did not. 2
But after Jesus Christ ministered to them, classes of the rich and poor no longer existed; they became a united people “because of the love of God which did dwell in [their hearts].” 3
Similarly, BYU-Pathway seeks to provide education as an essential part of Heavenly Father’s loving plan — and the way out of poverty. As students become more self-reliant, they are able to lift others in a way that continually builds Zion, spiritually and temporally, as they progress toward eternity.

A tuition discount for all students

In 2020, BYU-Pathway launched the Heber J. Grant Tuition Discount for students taking foundational PathwayConnect courses. Thanks to generous donors, the discount is now offered to online degree-seeking students serviced by BYU-Pathway as well.

All students can qualify for a tuition reduction of 10, 25, or 50% (amount based on need) by completing a lesson about President Heber J. Grant, who was known for his perseverance, love of learning, and focus on self-reliance. As students learn to manage their time and resources, they are better equipped to provide for their families, improve their communities, and serve in their congregations.

Faith Namusoke working from home

Faith Namusoke, an online degree-seeking student from Uganda, received the tuition discount and shared, “This low tuition is enabling me to acquire an education and better myself and also be in a position to help others.”

A significant need

BYU-Pathway’s scholarships help students to lift themselves and others temporally and spiritually. Of more than 61,000 students, 82% have significant financial need.

BYU-Pathway has awarded a total of 101,000 scholarships, and 27% were awarded in Fall Semester 2022 alone. With the help of generous donors, BYU-Pathway can continue to provide access to affordable education to all of Zion, until there are no poor among us.