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The announcement of BYU-Pathway Worldwide has sparked considerable media interest as the organization was mentioned in more than 40 news sources throughout 2017.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Announces Creation of Worldwide Education Program

KSL | Feb. 7, 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah

BYU-Pathway Worldwide was created, having responsibility for the Pathway program as well as all online higher education in the Church Educational System. Clark G. Gilbert, then president of BYU-Idaho, was named the first president.

BYU-Idaho Will Continue To Be an Invaluable Resource for BYU-Pathway Worldwide

Deseret News (Faith) | Feb. 11, 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah

Clark Gilbert and Henry J. Eyring, who succeeded Gilbert as president of BYU-Idaho, joined in a press conference announcing the continued partnership between the two organizations as they continue on a “steady, upward course.”

BYU-Pathway serves students in over 180 countries.

BYU-Pathway Featured in Church World Report

Church World Report | April 1, 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah

BYU-Pathway Worldwide was featured in the World Report on Saturday, April 1, between the morning and afternoon sessions of general conference.

PathwayConnect Choir Sings in BYU-Idaho Devotional

Rexburg Standard Journal | April 27, 2017
Accra, Ghana

PathwayConnect students from Accra, Ghana, sang during a BYU-Idaho devotional on April 25 via a live feed. The choir sang “The Lord is My Shepherd.”

BYU-Pathway Worldwide student graduating with a degree from BYU-Idaho
BYU-Pathway Worldwide student graduating with a degree from BYU-Idaho.

LDS Business College President Announces Plans to Support BYU-Pathway Worldwide

Deseret News (Faith) | May 3, 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah

As president of LDS Business College, Bruce C. Kusch announced three new imperatives to help the college achieve its potential, the third of which establishes LDSBC as an integral partner with BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

BYU-Pathway Worldwide, BYU-Idaho, and ASU to Ease Transfer Requirements

Phoenix Business Journal | May 26, 2017
Phoenix, Arizona

BYU-Pathway Worldwide and BYU-Idaho announced an agreement with Arizona State University (ASU), which will allow students two ways to easily transfer credits to ASU. This agreement is one of many partnerships being worked on that will help PathwayConnect students pursue local educational options.

How a BYU Campus is Reshaping Education and the Mormon Faith

The Chronicle of Higher Education | July 13, 2017
Washington, D.C.

In an article explaining the happenings and details of the year-long program, PathwayConnect was labeled “as one of online education’s striking success stories” by The Chronicle of Higher Education. Due to the “no credit left behind” initiative, students can now earn a degree in under $10,000 — an opportunity that many political figures have dreamed about exploring.

The article contains detailed information regarding tuition, stackable credits, the role of students, the diversity in the online institution, and the purpose for PathwayConnect’s beginning. The incredible growth of the program was also mentioned, “And just as the Mormon Church is becoming more international, so is PathwayConnect: Half the students and half the gathering sites are located outside of the United States or Canada.”

The Chronicle praises PathwayConnect’s ability to help the students escape their comfort zone and discover themselves. Thanks to the uplifting curriculum and low tuition, more students are completing their degrees and finishing what they start.

(From left to right) Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, President Clark G. Gilbert, and Elder Kim B. Clark at the announcement of BYU-Pathway Worldwide

BYU-Pathway Worldwide Featured in the Ensign and Liahona

Ensign | Aug. 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah

Elder Kim B. Clark shared how BYU-Pathway Worldwide is providing educational and spiritual opportunities for members of the Church around the world.

The ‘Pioneer Heart’ Drives Online Education Initiative

The Salt Lake Tribune | Sept. 28, 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah

The “Pioneer Heart” of sacrifice and frugality continues to be the focus for BYU-Pathway Worldwide employees as they relocate to Salt Lake City and expand the organization.

President Nelson Installs Clark Gilbert as First President of BYU-Pathway Worldwide

Deseret News (Faith) | Nov. 16, 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah

Clark G. Gilbert was formally installed as the first president of BYU-Pathway Worldwide by President Russell M. Nelson. The inauguration was carried on a live feed to 458 BYU-Pathway gathering locations in 77 nations to more than 38,000 students (see Inauguration Feature).

President Russell M. Nelson installing President Clark G. Gilbert at the first BYU-Pathway Worldwide Inauguration

Design Thinking for Higher Education

Stanford Social Innovation Review | Dec. 2018
Stanford, California

President Clark G. Gilbert and Arizona State University president Michael Crow explore how their respective institutions are innovating ways to address the needs of traditional, on-campus students while reaching out to serve thousands more across the world.