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BYU-Pathway Has a New Website. Take a Look.

Much has changed with BYU-Pathway’s new website. Here’s what you have to look forward to...

The creation of BYU-Pathway Worldwide brings more than a new name.

As the new steward of online learning for the Church Educational System, BYU-Pathway has been working hard to evolve its brand and services to enhance the online experience for students around the world. One such development is its new website , which just launched today, October 16. And with a new style, features, and a useful design, it is going to be a great tool for all who use it.

Here’s what you have to look forward to in BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s new website.

More Than Two Years of Applied Website Research

As early as April 2015, employees at BYU-Pathway were preparing to create a new website. Over the years, they researched and studied the old website and interviewed more than 1,000 students, missionaries, employees, and other stakeholders to make the website more helpful, informative, and simple for its users.

BYU-Pathway employees have been working for more than two years on what has now become the new website.

While some findings from all that research have been incorporated in previous versions of the website, the creation of this new website has allowed BYU-Pathway to put the research to use in a new and helpful way.

A Fresh (But Familiar) Style

Much has changed with the new website’s style. As a new Church education entity, BYU-Pathway Worldwide has created a new brand for itself. Along with that has come a new logo for the organization.


The new brand and website have the familiar bright and inviting color scheme the organization has always used. The website also incorporates more images of actual students in BYU-Pathway’s programs. All of these changes have been made to make the website more visually captivating, relatable, and informative.

New Features to Help Find Important Information

In designing this new website, BYU-Pathway wanted to make information about its programs as understandable and accessible as possible. This led to the creation of many new website features to help visitors learn about the programs.


One feature is the website’s Cost Estimator , which shows a student the cost of PathwayConnect in his or her country per credit, for one semester, and for the entire year, as well as the tuition prices for online certificates and degrees through Brigham Young University-Idaho. BYU-Pathway has also provided a greater level of detail about the individual PathwayConnect courses so students who want to know more can learn about the different course objectives and outcomes.

On top of that, the new website’s pages are full of widgets, tools, infographics, links to other website pages and articles, and other useful resources to provide users with all the information they need and want about the programs they are interested in.

New Website

BYU-Pathway is making the student experience easier for YOU

The launch of the new brand and website is an exciting step in BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s development, and there are sure to be more exciting changes to come as the organization grows into its new position in the Church Educational System.

In all these things, BYU-Pathway is focused on one thing: improving the experience for its students, missionaries, and other stakeholders — to create a tool that is helpful, uplifting, and motivating as they work to accomplish their goals and responsibilities in the program.

BYU-Pathway Worldwide launched its new website today! Check it out out at .