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How BYU-Pathway Can Help You Minister

See how local Church leaders are using BYU-Pathway to help those in need

While BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s mission is to develop future disciple leaders, it also supports current leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by helping them open doors of opportunity to those they look after.

Members of the bishopric talking to a family at a kitchen table.

When featured on the Leading Saints podcast , Vice President of Operations J.D. Griffith said, “Sometimes [leaders] have a hard time reaching certain people in their ward. … And education and BYU-Pathway — being low-cost and efficient — is built exactly for [them]. It’s a great way to get inside a door and to reach a member or somebody in your stewardship that you haven’t been able to reach in a while.”

Church leaders are using BYU-Pathway to minister to unemployed or underemployed individuals, young adults, returned missionaries, recent converts, less-active members, friends of the Church, non-native English speakers and more by providing an accessible, quality education.

“We have a great foundation of the Church Educational System, and then we come in with BYU-Pathway Worldwide,” said J.D. “An online environment, a system where we’ve set up to serve members of the church all over the world with local gatherings, and the opportunity to earn a church based education.”

Scott Duncun is one of the many bishops who has been able to use BYU-Pathway to help those close to him. While Scott was participating in BYU-Pathway courses himself, he felt impressed to invite his brother-in-law, Alan, to join him. Alan was a friend of the Church who was hesitant to learn more about the doctrine but readily accepted the invitation to finish his education through BYU-Pathway.

Alan and Scott Duncan

Shortly after beginning, Alan started to see a change in himself. He said “Not only did it help me become a better student, but a better father and a better husband.” Because of his positive experience, Alan started to attend church and was later baptized.

When asked why he decided to invite Alan to BYU-Pathway, Scott said “The first reason was, because I love him and I love his family with all my heart and all I ever want for them is the best. As a bishop, I have learned that Heavenly Father is very specific in his plan for each of his children. So I thought about how to best love Alan and his family and help them, and the answer came and said BYU-Pathway.”

During his concluding thoughts on the podcast, J.D. said “It’s impossible to serve in any calling and do it faithfully and not feel love for others. … The love that you feel of service is wonderful. It’s amazing. And it’s why I do what I do.”

To learn more about how BYU-Pathway can help leaders minister, listen to the Leading Saints Podcast with J.D. Griffith or refer to the BYU-Pathway web page “ Using BYU-Pathway in your ministry .”