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BYU-Pathway Employee Summer Picnic

Employees and their families gathered to share in their love of BYU-Pathway


Complete with a rock climbing wall, hot dogs, and a cotton candy machine, BYU-Pathway Worldwide employees and their families came together to enjoy each other’s company on May 26, 2017, for a BYU-Pathway employee summer picnic.

BYU-Pathway holds family activities periodically throughout the year to develop company and family unity. “I had already known what a remarkable group of people I work with,” said BYU-Pathway president, Clark Gilbert, “but seeing so many families who by extension also support our PathwayConnect students was inspiring.”

“This picnic provided one last opportunity to gather together before some families began to head to Utah,” said BYU-Pathway Managing Director, J.D. Griffith. “It has been humbling to see the employees and their families submit their lives to the cause of BYU-Pathway Worldwide.”

The BYU-Pathway Pioneers

The BYU-Pathway president, area operations administration, curriculum, and systems teams will be relocating to BYU-Pathway’s new headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, this summer. All other departments of BYU-Pathway will remain in Rexburg, Idaho, on the BYU-Idaho campus until summer 2018.

“As I have watched the pioneers of this first group leave the comfort and familiarity of Rexburg, I have been inspired by their willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of so many Church members throughout the world,” said BYU-Pathway graphics specialist, Angie Steggell.

Whether families are moving this summer or the next, they do so with a sense of knowing what BYU-Pathway is all about: personal growth and strengthened families.

Check out pictures from the picnic below!

Pathway Social
BYU-Pathway employees and their families enjoyed the evening together.
Pathway Social
The rock climbing wall was a huge hit!
Pathway Social
Children had as much fun as the employees!
Pathway Social
President and Sister Gilbert met and mingled with many of the BYU-Pathway employees.
Pathway Social
Family members young and old faced their fears on the rock climbing wall.
Pathway Social
Service missionary Elder Jacobs even got in on the action!