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2022–2023 U.S. Tuition Increases

In response to regular, ongoing operating costs, and in an effort to make higher education available to more people around the world, BYU-Pathway Worldwide has instituted the following changes to tuition rates beginning Fall Semester 2022 (Sept.–Dec.):

  • Preferred Path: Tuition for all new and continuing students in the United States enrolled in BYU-Pathway’s preferred path, which begins with foundational PathwayConnect courses, will increase nominally from $77 per credit to $79 per credit.
  • Advanced Path: Tuition for students in the U.S. who did not complete the foundational PathwayConnect curriculum will increase from $131 per credit to $135 per credit.
  • Note: Tuition varies by country and is carefully set to match the economic circumstances of local residents.

Since 2009, BYU-Pathway’s commitment to low-cost education has guided its formation and growth throughout the world. As BYU-Pathway continues to expand, providing affordable educational opportunities will remain central to its guiding principles.

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