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Meet Krista Tripodi

Get to know BYU-Pathway's new communication manager

Krista Tripodi at Mesa Temple
Krista at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on Temple Square

BYU-Pathway Worldwide welcomes Krista Tripodi as the new communication manager. Krista attended BYU, where she graduated with a degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations. She later returned to the BYU Marriott School, where she completed her master’s degree in public administration.

After graduating with her bachelor’s degree, Krista knew she wanted to specialize in promoting education. She spent the next six years in Arizona, where she practiced public relations for a career and technical education district (East Valley Institute of Technology), a nonprofit K-12 education foundation (Chandler Education Foundation), and an online community college serving 60,000 students (Rio Salado College).

In 2008, Krista was hired as the communications manager for the BYU Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology. In the ten years she was there, she established the college’s first communications team, increased efforts to recruit and retain women, and was a part of the $80 million fundraising campaign for BYU’s new engineering building.

Krista’s nephew (Sonny) and niece (Sofia).

Krista grew up in Rhode Island as the oldest of three children. She is the proud aunt to a niece and a nephew and loves being with her family. In her spare time, she loves spending time with good friends, playing trivia games, listening to all types of music, taking cooking classes, and spending time by the water. Krista currently resides in Vineyard, Utah.

Krista is extremely grateful for her Church education and the course it set for her life. As she worked at BYU, she wished more people could have the life-changing college experience she had. But she knew it wasn’t feasible for everyone to attend BYU in Utah, Idaho, or Hawaii. When she heard about BYU-Pathway and the PathwayConnect program, she saw it as a miracle and wanted to be a part of it. She’s grateful to be joining the communication team in bringing this life-changing education to more of God’s children around the world.