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What Does BYU-Pathway Worldwide Mean to You?

Facebook users express their thoughts on the transition to BYU-Pathway Worldwide

Soon after the announcement of BYU-Pathway Worldwide , Facebook users flooded comment sections voicing their opinions on the future of BYU-Pathway and how this transition would affect them.

Many students immediately realized the positive impact the transition could have on them and future PathwayConnect students.

Here are a few Facebook comments that demonstrate the excitement shown on Facebook for the future of BYU-Pathway:

Gwen Shetter Hogg – Idaho, U.S.A.

Gwen Shetter Hogg

I’m so excited for all the lives this program is going to change! I’m so grateful for BYU-Pathway. I completed the program and then received my bachelor’s degree online from BYU-Idaho. I finally completed a teacher certification program, and now I’m a certified kindergarten teacher! Not only did it change my life and my family’s life, but now it’s changing my student’s lives. It is definitely going to bless the whole world.

Claribel Munoz Guillen – Barranquilla, Colombia

Claribel Munoz Guillen

I am so excited about the BYU-Pathway Worldwide program. After finishing PathwayConnect last year, I matriculated to BYU-Idaho, studying in the Marriage and Family Studies field. Everybody is waiting for this wonderful opportunity to continue his or her education.

Patrick Pinheiro – Brazil

Patrick Pinheiro

President Hinckley’s vision of this work that started with Kim Clark leaving Harvard Business School and the beginning of the Perpetual Education Fund is nothing short of a miracle. The Romans, Greeks, and other civilizations of old mingled spiritual teachings with academia, drawing followers from around the world. Now the Church does the same by taking the academic experience to the households of it’s followers. Very exciting!

Canon Bukhari – California, U.S.A.

canon Bukhari

PathwayConnect has been a blessing for me and for my family. I went back to school after 16 years, and it has been an amazing learning experience. I am grateful that I can learn more and increase my understanding of the Book of Mormon. I am looking forward to this great blessing.

Melissa Keeler West – Utah, U.S.A.

Melissa Keeler

I am so thrilled that this amazing program will be available to more people, and President Gilbert is the perfect choice for administering this tremendous effort. He will be greatly missed at BYU-Idaho for the incredible impact he and his family have had on so many lives in such a short time, including my freshman daughter. BYU-Idaho will be in great hands under the leadership of Brother Eyring.

Changing Students’ Lives

Students and other members of the Church have shown a great outpouring of faith for the future of BYU-Pathway Worldwide. They know that the program will continue to change the lives of its students like it always has. Now with this transition, the program will reach even more people around the world.

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