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Accepting Difficult Callings in the Church

A Pathway missionary couple reflects on blessings received from their service

Throughout our lives we have always accepted the callings we’ve been given, no matter what they were: working with Cub Scouts, teaching seminary, or just teaching one autistic child in Primary class. But we had no idea what wonderful experiences we would have when we agreed to be service missionaries assigned to BYU-Pathway. In brief, here are a few of our experiences:

student talking in front of a class
PathwayConnect helps students build confidence.

Increased Confidence

We had a woman in our class who had never taught a class, given a talk, or even prayed at church. However, she wanted an education so much that she was willing to take her turns as the lead student and direct the class discussions. Her face was so red and her voice so shaky the first time, we weren’t sure she could do it. A few months later, she confided to us that she had been asked by her bishop to be the Beehive adviser and that she was only able to do it because of her experience in PathwayConnect. She even gave a prayer at one of our gatherings – something that was extremely difficult for her.

Elder and Sister Jacobs
Elder and Sister Jacobs

Spiritual Strength

Another time, we saw a once-inactive family strengthened by the mother’s participation in PathwayConnect. She became a leader in the class and did all she could to help others who were struggling. In 2016, she went to the temple and her son left on a mission.

Professional Satisfaction

One student we had was in PathwayConnect because he was dissatisfied with his job. He and his wife both attended. Although he struggled to work, go to school, and carry out his duties as a member of the bishopric, he is now five months away from receiving his degree in a subject he loves that will allow him to provide for his family.

Blessings from Service

Most important of all, we felt the Spirit at our weekly gatherings—no matter what the topic. Many students have confided to us that it was only by the Spirit that they were able to succeed in their coursework.

Our advice to others is to always accept any calling you are given. If you accept it as a service for the Lord, you will always be rewarded with wonderful experiences.

Elder and Sister Jacobs with one of their gathering groups
Elder and Sister Jacobs with one of their gathering groups.

Elder and Sister Jacobs grew up in southern California where he attended UCLA and became a math teacher while she went to BYU and eventually earned a degree in history. They have four children and 16 grandchildren. Both are baseball fans and enjoy traveling. They have served for three years as service missionaries assigned to BYU-Pathway in California and are currently serving in the BYU-Pathway Home Office in Rexburg.

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