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A New View of Education

For Olga, PathwayConnect provided opportunities that graduate school could not

Why did Olga Frolova enroll in PathwayConnect after earning a master’s degree? Isn’t PathwayConnect for people who don’t have a university degree?

The truth is, PathwayConnect helps people in many different situations and stages of life. Olga is a testament to the unique benefits PathwayConnect can bring to people, regardless of their education, family, work, or life situation.

Trying Something New

"After serving my mission in Moscow, Russia, in 2012, I returned home to Riga, Latvia,” Olga said. “Then I began studying theology at the University of Latvia, where I received my master’s degree.”

Olga Frolova
Olga’s experience in PathwayConnect enriched her view on education and her testimony.

Olga first heard about PathwayConnect from friends and was impressed by how much they liked the program.

“My first idea about PathwayConnect came from my friends in St. Petersburg and Moscow, who were in this program. At that time I was still studying for my master’s degree, so I wasn’t planning ahead much, but my friends’ positive experience helped me decide to join. As soon as I graduated from the University of Latvia, I applied to PathwayConnect. I decided to try something completely new, and there has been no moment that I regret my choice.”

Olga was drawn to PathwayConnect for opportunities she felt other universities did not provide: “I was motivated to join PathwayConnect for the opportunity to learn English at an affordable cost and to attend a Church university with high standards.”

Building A Spiritual Atmosphere

Olga had already earned two university degrees, so she had a lot of experience with education when she joined PathwayConnect. Coming from a secular university, she particularly appreciated PathwayConnect’s gospel-centered curriculum .

“I absolutely enjoy the structure of PathwayConnect. There is a spiritual atmosphere every time we have a gathering; it is a great opportunity to make new friends!”

The spiritual atmosphere in PathwayConnect uplifted Olga as she felt the Spirit’s influence in the program.

“Also, a great part of the uniting power of our students is the Holy Ghost. As we try and make our lessons spiritual, It becomes easier to understand principles that are taught. And our friendship in our PathwayConnect group has grown so much! We are a great team.”

Olga with a group of students at a PathwayConnect gathering in Riga, Latvia
Olga (left) with a group of students at a PathwayConnect gathering in Riga, Latvia

Participating in a New View of Education

Olga has also discovered a new view of education in PathwayConnect. As she attended PathwayConnect, Olga quickly understood the importance of the BYU-Idaho Learning Model and gathering to help student learning. Because she thinks PathwayConnect’s structure is so effective, she strives to be helpful to her classmates.

“My favorite memories are from PathwayConnect gatherings , because it has been the best learning from each other and getting to know people better. I feel that sometimes when you have a professional teacher in front of you, you tend to relax and just listen. But when there is another student teaching, just like you, you want to study and prepare more in order to be able to help with the lesson process.”

Olga Frolova on a boat
The spiritual atmosphere Olga experienced in PathwayConnect was different than anything she had experienced in university.

As Olga spent more time in PathwayConnect, she discovered new ways to use what she was learning.

“PathwayConnect gave me a new outlook on learning. The structure of regular, small homework assignments helped me become more consistent in my studies and not procrastinate my assignments. I feel that PathwayConnect courses build my character by teaching right principles of success. I gained practical knowledge that is extremely useful, such as budgeting money, connecting studies to gospel principles, and writing in English. PathwayConnect is a great tool for those who do not yet know where to look for lasting meaning in life.”

Combining Spiritual and Secular Learning

PathwayConnect’s spiritual atmosphere and Learning Model helped Olga see the value of combining spiritual and academic growth. She believes this balance is what lets PathwayConnect make such meaningful changes in students’ lives.

PathwayConnect helped me become more self-reliant and confident in what I do.

“PathwayConnect helps me because I feel more spiritual and more prepared for life. People work on both spiritual and secular spheres. I believe that that is the key to success. This is because our relationship with Heavenly Father determines how happy we will be in this life on the Earth. I wish to be able to combine my career with the spiritual sphere.”

Olga now encourages others to join PathwayConnect so they too can feel the joy and stability that comes from a well-balanced education.

“PathwayConnect helped me become more self-reliant and confident in what I do. I learned that God wants us to succeed in our temporal goals as we use righteous principles to achieve them. I think everyone should take PathwayConnect and see how much joy this program brings.”

Olga visiting her friends at the Missionary Training Center in Spain
Olga visiting her friends at the Missionary Training Center in Spain

Olga completed PathwayConnect in July 2016. She is currently an office manager at a large university in Riga, Latvia, and is considering using her skills in finances and economics to work in a government position.

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