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Never Alone

Transitions can be difficult, but with Pathway Advising, they don’t have to be


Deciding what to do after PathwayConnect can be hard. With so many possibilities available to students, it can be difficult for them to know where to look. BYU-Pathway Worldwide realizes this. That is why it has a team of academic advisers to inform, encourage, and assist students as they create and follow their personal academic plan.

BYU-Pathway is working now more than ever to ensure students receive the help they need when deciding what to do once they complete PathwayConnect. Through BYU-Pathway Advising, students have access to an entire team of diverse advising specialists who are invested and concerned with helping students learn about the options available to them and to find success in their educational goals. There, students can receive timely instruction and guidance for any questions they might have about their academic futures.

By carefully handling each student’s education and interests, BYU-Pathway Advising is helping to ensure a positive, complete, and seamless transition for its students as they continue their educational journey through PathwayConnect and beyond.

Enroll in PathwayConnect today and receive support toward your educational goals through BYU-Pathway’s advising team!

Pathway Advising
BYU-Pathway Advising mentors connect with students around the world to help them with their education.