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How a BYU-Pathway Student Quadrupled His Income

Michael Alves realized early on how important it was to remain focused to accomplish his goals

Michael Alves

Michael Lima Alves, a BYU-Pathway student from Brazil, traveled nearly five hours one way to attend his gathering each week (before they were offered virtually). It was difficult, but Michael was determined. This hunger to succeed is exactly what led him to his dream job, education, and income.

Accomplish goals

Through education and hard work, Michael quadrupled his income.

For years, Michael had heard about BYU-Idaho, but moving there to attend on campus seemed impossible. After hearing about BYU-Pathway Worldwide, he realized earning a degree from a Church university was more attainable than he thought.

After completing foundational PathwayConnect courses, Michael continued to an online certificate and degree program from BYU-Idaho. He still felt nervous about his English skills, but he pushed past those fears and continued forward.

“I always put in mind that I’m a child of God,” Michael said. “I knew I could achieve everything that I wanted in my life with His help.”

Michael’s main goal was becoming a software engineer, so he earned his first certificate in computer information technology.* He realized this education would help him for the rest of his life.

“One thing I always remembered is that a degree from the United States would have a big impact on every company that would hire me here in Brazil,” he said.

Networking to find his dream job

As he moved forward in his degree, Michael began networking with software engineers and other working professionals in his field. He even had the opportunity to speak at a local university on software engineering.

Most BYU-Pathway students get a better job.

“In my presentation, I made a slide that mentioned that I was getting a degree from BYU-Idaho in the United States,” Michael said. “The audience was very impressed with it.”

Michael came in contact with a person who saw his presentation and informed him of a position he couldn’t pass up: “I was told of an opportunity to temporarily work for a company based in Australia. It was the biggest opportunity of my life.”

Receiving great blessings

Michael_Alves 4.jpeg
Michael’s faith and determination to succeed blessed his family.

Michael’s life has changed since joining BYU-Pathway. Even though he still felt unsure about his English skills, Michael thrived in his new remote job. He was hired as a permanent employee after only one month and has since quadrupled his income! “I own my time,” he said. “I can have lunch with my wife and daughter in our home every day or stop and play with my daughter for a few minutes. The value of that is immeasurable.”

Through it all, Michael knows exactly where these blessings come from: “Many blessings from God are coming and will continue coming because of what I’m learning through my online courses.”

Michael currently serves as president of the Aracruz Branch in his hometown in Ibiraçu, Espírito Santo. He loves serving and feels that he is contributing in building the kingdom of God. With help from BYU-Pathway and, most importantly, Heavenly Father, Michael’s perseverance has helped him continue to accomplish his dreams.

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