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Having the Courage to Share

Elder and Sister Gray express the importance of sharing your PathwayConnect experiences with others

When my wife and I were invited to serve as missionaries assigned to BYU-Pathway in June of 2015, it seemed like a natural fit for us both. Shortly after receiving the call, we visited a gathering in Atlanta, Georgia, to see what the program was like. We were excited with what we saw — a room full of young adults teaching one another how to solve linear math equations, and another room where a middle-aged man led a discussion regarding life skills.

Elder (top left) and Sister (top right) Gray with their age 31+ PathwayConnect gathering group

After attending these gatherings, we realized that we knew of no other organization for higher education that can have as dramatic and immediate an impact on people’s lives as PathwayConnect does.

We love our students, and we want them to know and feel of our love for them. We are confident that if they succeed with PathwayConnect, they can succeed in anything they put their mind to.

Sharing PathwayConnect

One aspect of PathwayConnect that has amazed us is the amount of support students receive from past PathwayConnect students. Many students we have met joined PathwayConnect because others were willing to share their own experiences and answer questions about the program.

Inviting individuals to join PathwayConnect can help them receive blessings in their own lives. Students in our very own gatherings have joined PathwayConnect because others were willing to share.

Morgan Wright

Morgan Wright recalls how she learned about PathwayConnect: “As I spoke with a friend from my ward about my plans to attend a university, I told him my concerns about the struggles I faced as a student and how it is a little hard for me to understand and retain new things. He then told me about PathwayConnect and the many different options it offers students. Not only that, but it was designed to help students succeed by giving them the confidence to achieve their goals and overcome difficult challenges. Since I decided to enroll in PathwayConnect, this friend has been a great help to me in figuring out how to submit assignments and make the best of my time in PathwayConnect.”

Because her friend was willing to speak up about PathwayConnect and answer her questions, Morgan was able to start her educational journey.

Chuck Poll

Chuck Poll had a similar experience when he felt the prompting to enroll in PathwayConnect. “For several months I had been feeling like I wasn’t getting much personal growth from my prayers, church attendance, and limited scripture study time. The elders quorum president in my ward bore his testimony of how much more the scriptures have meant to him since he joined PathwayConnect. I felt the Spirit encouraging me to look into PathwayConnect. I was initially worried about being able to fit my studies into an already busy schedule, but as I spoke with the service missionaries, they explained the program further and assured me that I could still participate. I have since enrolled in PathwayConnect and I have felt that personal growth that I was looking for.”

Chuck knew he needed a change in his life, and because his elders quorum president bore his testimony, Chuck found a way to get more out of his study and prayers.

Sharing your experiences of PathwayConnect can be as easy as bearing your testimony or speaking with a friend. Good news deserves to be shared, so why not share it with those you love and potentially help them change their lives for the better?

The Courage To Share

Sharing how your testimony has been strengthened through PathwayConnect and the experience you’ve had with the program can help others find their own path through PathwayConnect. It is a beautiful thing to be part of an organization that helps others grow and learn for themselves. So we challenge you to open your mouth, share your story, and share how PathwayConnect has helped you grow. Through sharing, you might touch someone’s life for the better.

Elder Bill Gray and his wife, Sister Nancy Gray, have been service missionaries in the Georgia Atlanta location since June 2015.

Have the courage to share your PathwayConnect experience with someone who could benefit from the program! Invite them to learn more at .