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BYU-Pathway Employee Meeting — A Gathering of Their Own

A day in Salt Lake City served as an important reminder for Pathway employees

Last month, BYU-Pathway Worldwide employees attended the first all-team meeting at the new headquarters located in Salt Lake City, Utah. As employees from Rexburg, Idaho, and Salt Lake City joined together once again, we each felt the desire to better ourselves and improve the organization for the benefit of the Pathway students and missionaries across the globe.

BYU-Pathway employees witnessed the power of gatherings

Once a week, students gather in their various locations to learn, grow, and teach one another. BYU-Pathway employees witnessed this same power of gathering for ourselves as we joined together in our new central offices.

We discussed the strategic priorities of the remainder of 2017 and into the coming year. Among the discussion were the topics of establishing BYU-Pathway Worldwide as a new Church entity and strengthening retention of students as they continue in their online studies. President Clark G. Gilbert shared a spiritual message which led us to a few landmarks on and around Temple Square. His thoughts always confirm to me his role as President of this inspired organization.

BYU-Pathway employees went to Temple Square for a tour and spiritual message from President Gilbert.

Frugality and Commitment are required to move the Lord’s work forward

President Gilbert led us to a small cabin near Temple Square and shared the touching story of Osmyn Deuel and his family, who were among the first to settle in the Salt Lake Valley. The cabin reminded each of us of the humility and frugality that many of the early Saints experienced throughout much of their lives.

The Deuel Log Cabin served as a reminder of the humility and frugality shown by the early Saints.

He also shared with us the familiar story of John Rowe Moyle . John Moyle was a stone cutter for the Salt Lake Temple. He found out his leg would have to be amputated due to an accident. Months of excruciating pain walking on a wooden leg passed before he was once again able to make the 22-mile journey each week to fulfill his calling. Brother Moyle’s work and sacrifice can still be seen today on the Salt Lake Temple, as he was the one to carve the words “Holiness to the Lord” on the central, east-facing spire.

These stories of frugality and commitment touched my heart, along with many of the employees, as we heard the words of our president. We each took upon ourselves the charge to do this work with full consecration and commitment, and we recognize the consecration and commitment that thousands of missionaries and students display in their pursuit of education.

Continuing the Lord’s work with consecrated hearts

At the conclusion of our meeting, Commissioner of the Church Education System and former BYU-Idaho President, Elder Kim B. Clark , reminded us that there is still much to do as we continue to expand BYU-Pathway around the world. He assured us that the work we do is uniting the Saints to build up the kingdom of God.

Employees departed with hearts and hands determined to continue the efforts in providing a quality education to Church members worldwide. Please know that the BYU-Pathway employees love the missionaries assigned to BYU-Pathway and pray that they may understand their key role in the program. Likewise, we pray for the students that their desire to learn may continue to grow and that their testimonies of the Savior will continue to expand.

Elder Kim B. Clark met with the team during their lunch in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

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