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Discussions Around the World

Discussion boards — these connections aren’t made by themselves

Whether you are shy or outgoing, male or female, from Ghana or Guatemala, reaching out and making quality relationships with others adds richness to our lives. Through your PathwayConnect course’s discussion boards, PathwayConnect brings those relationships to the fingertips of every student.


By reading posts from other students all over the world, pondering what they have said, typing a response, and making a post yourself, you are being exposed to new ideas, insights, and perspectives — some of which may be an answer to a prayer, or an insight you have been looking for. Making discussion board posts can be difficult at times. I’ve found these tips to be helpful when creating a post that will provoke conversation and learning.

As you interact and sincerely respond to one another with interest, testimonies, and experiences, each of you will be filled with the Spirit, inspiration, and a knowledge that you did not have before. Jesus Christ taught that “where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” ( Matthew 18:20 ). As every student does their part, you will all feel the Spirit in a way that confirms this promise.