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BYU-Pathway: A Resource for Moms

BYU-Pathway meets mothers where they are, as they are

A mother holds her son while they look at flowers.

Corina Grigore, Sarah Baker, and Ingird Yost live in different places and have different professions but they all have something in common: they’re mothers pursuing a university education through BYU-Pathway Worldwide . This can be challenging with the busyness of life. However, BYU-Pathway is a resource that can help mothers in any circumstance further their education.

An education, on your terms

BYU-Pathway is designed to remove barriers that prevent people from finishing their education, and it’s working especially well for moms.

A mother and son sit together on the couch, learning from a laptop.
BYU-Pathway works especially well for busy moms.

For Corina Grigore, BYU-Pathway opened doors she didn’t think were available to her. “I am a mother of two kids, am a wife, and have a full-time job. I never thought that life would give me the chance to continue my studies, but when the Church and BYU-Pathway came into my life, that was a true blessing.”

There are many ways in which BYU-Pathway is revolutionizing higher education to account for students who are balancing priorities. Students get applicable job-ready skills early in their education because of the certificate-first approach . BYU-Pathway also offers three-year bachelor’s degrees that allow students to obtain a degree in an online, flexible setting.

Plus, scholarships and discounts, like the Heber J. Grant Tuition Discount, make getting a degree even more affordable on top of the low tuition.

A supportive environment

A mother stands with her husband and three children
Sarah and her family

For working mother Sarah Barker, BYU-Pathway gave her more than just a degree.

“It was an amazingly supportive environment, and our BYU-Pathway missionaries were the best,” said Sarah. “BYU-Pathway taught us that even though it had been 20 years since we had been in school, we were capable of learning new things and that our determination to be college-educated would get us through the challenges. I have used a skill from every single class, even the ones I had to take for my degree, in my job and everyday life.”

A temporal and spiritual education

But perhaps BYU-Pathway's greatest offering is a spiritual education for each of its students. Every academic course is built on a foundation of faith. Students strengthen their testimonies and become better disciples of Jesus Christ through these gospel-centered courses, religious institute courses, and PathwayConnect gathering groups led by service missionaries. Mothers often share finding renewed strength and faith to lead and nurture their families.

For Ingrid Jost, a mother and student from Brazil, her time at BYU-Pathway brought miracles. “As a BYU-Pathway student, I have experienced many miracles in my life. This is the pathway that leads us to help build the kingdom of God these days. If you want to change your life spiritually and improve your skills to be self-reliant, BYU-Pathway is the way. You will see daily miracles. Through BYU-Pathway, I could ‘overcome the world' and become a better disciple of Jesus Christ.’”

BYU-Pathway is dedicated to creating opportunities for all of God’s children to further their education. Learn more about the degree options BYU-Pathway provides!